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FDR and The New Deal


Amity Kea

on 7 March 2012

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Transcript of FDR and The New Deal

FDR's Administration:
The New Deal timeframe:
FDR and the New Deal
The Election of 1932:
Why the New Deal passes quickly?
Cuts in federal spending
High protective tariff
Immigration restrictions
Reduction in spending and a balanced budget
Competitive Tariff
Repeal prohibition
banking reform
Market regulations
Aid farmers
1. The "Brain Trust"
2. Eleanor Roosevelt
3. Fireside Chats
First Hundred Days
March to June 1933
Calls congress to special session
National Bank Holiday
First New Deal:
1933 to Mid 1935
Focus is banking systems and individuals
Glass-Steagall Act,SEC,
Ends with the collapse of the National Recovery Admin (NRA)
Second New Deal
Mid 1935
Focus shifts to labor and industries
WPA, NYA, REA, Wagner Act (NLRB), Social Security Act,
Banking Act of 1935, Public Utility Holding Company,
Congress mostly Dem.
Public calling for action
Progressive ideas/actions laid the foundation
The New Deal:
The Three "R"s
1. National Banking Holiday
2. Emergency Banking Relief Act 1933
3. Glass-Steagall Act 1933
4. The Gold Reserve Act
5. The Revenue Act
6. Federal Securities Act
7. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
1. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
2. Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA)
3. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
1st and 2nd
4. Civil Works Administration (CWA)
5. Public Works Administration (PWA)
6. Works Progress Administration (WPA)
- Federal Writers Project,
Federal Arts Project,
Federal Theater Project
Industries and Labor:
1. National Industrial Recovery Act:
- created the National Recovery Admin. (NRA)
2. National Labor Relations Act
3. Fair Labor Standards Act
4. The end of the NRA: Schechter v. the US
5. Public Utility Holding Company Act
Housing and Social Security:
1. Homeowners Loan Corporation (HOLC)
2. Federal Housing Admin. (FHA)
3. U.S. Housing Authority (USHA)
1. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
2. Social Security
3. Beer and Wine Revenue Act:
4. Indian Reorganization Act of 1934
The Great Depression
1. Speculation and Buying on Margin
=> The Stock Market Crash
2. Bank practices that led to failures
3. Overproduction and Underconsumption
4. Hawley-Smoot Tariff and foreign debt
5. Environmental problems: Drought in
Mississippi Valley in 1930-1935 and the Dust Bowl
6. Unequal distribution of wealth

4. 20th and 21st Amendments
5. Attempt to"Pack the Court"
Judiciary Reorganization Bill -- 1937
6. Hatch Act of 1939
Critics of the New Deal:
The American Liberty League
Father Charles Coughlin
Senator Huey P. ("Kingfish") Long
Dr. Francis Townsend
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