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Copy of Explain Any Topic

No description

chase abshear

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Explain Any Topic

warm front
Forces when a mass of warm air over measures the cold air.
Air mass
Forrces when a mass of cold air over measures warm air
This is not a slide! It's an infinite canvas as big as your topic.

Zoom in and out using the + or - buttons or your mouse.

Click the thumbnails to zoom into each detail
Add a new detail by dragging the circle frame onto the canvas.
Delete all the help text and green arrows and get your topic zooming!
A vast body of air which the
perpetuate and or humididy AC each the same through out.

A boundry betwee the air mases tempters were collide
cold front
Urban front
Forms when a mass of warm air advances and rises above the cold air
occulated front
When a cold front closly follows a warm front slowly overcoming it
Sea Breeze
A breeze that blows from the sea toward the land usually occursduring day time
by chase abshear
Land Breeze
A wind that blows from land to water usually occurs at night.
Valley breeze
The wind that blows up a slope from a vally
Mountain breeze
note if
I do
anything wrong
A wind that blows down usually occurs in the night
Measures temperature
Measures air pressure
wind vane
wind direction
measures wind speed
thank you
Rain gauge
measures rainfall
measures humididy
lines on a map that conect similer tempatures
lines on a map that connect ares o similer barometric pressure
falls in cloud dreplets were to tiny to fall to earth
falls when ice crystels form in cold clouds stay frozen there never the same
frozen partly rain sleet forms when rain falls through very cold air
cummulonimbus produce hail as updraft cary up and down
cumulonimbus clouds cary heavy rain snow and hail and let it go
a violant whirling wind that moves across the ground in a narrow path
a very large swinging storm with low pressure at the center
storm surge
a great rise of sea along the shore
a puffy cloud that appears to rise from a flat bottom cottenball like and is different shapes
cirrus cloud
a high altitude cloud with a feather like shape made of ice crystels
stratus cloud
A cloud that forms a blanket like layer the lowest of clouds
a type of ground stratus cloud that forms at a low layer
makes thunder storms
The average weather pattern over a long period of time
The abilaty of theatmosphere to let in sunlight but not let the heat escape
a flow of air or water in a certin direction
Jet stream
in an aircurrent in the upper atmosphere that flows west to east
gulf stream
a warm ocean current in the
atlanticocean along the U.S east coast moves warm water to the north

El nino
an unusal warming of the surface in the eastern passific
La nina
an unusal cooling of the surface water in the eastern passific
You did it you made it out alive consider yourself lucky your now a boss like theese people
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