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Social Media Strategy

White Paper: Marketing the RRVBC though Strategic Social Media Integration

Paul Gebel

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy White Paper: Marketing the RRVBC though Strategic Social Media Integration It's not about the technology. It's about strategic, well-developed content. What is...? Blending technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. The promise made by a company, brand, or organization through its product, price, place and promotion. A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. Social Media Marketing Strategy Observe Orient Decide Act Listen.




Measure. Conversation mining. Goals &
Objectives. Plan,
Content. Implement and
Maintain the
Plan. Success. What do people think of the RRVBC?

Is our target market aware of our existence?

What is our market's philosophy, challenge, and opportunity?

Who are the key influencers of our community? Locally. Regionally. Nationally.

Which ones should we cooperate with?

Which ones do we cooperate with?

What are the top three topics that veteran-owned, veteran-operated, and veteran-friendly businesses want to know more about or have information to share?

Is the tone of that conversation heated...? friendly...? discouraged...? nurturing...?

Does our audience favor one point of view over another?

Is there a point in the conversation or community wherein forces can be ammased?

Is the audience too broad and diverse to pin down? Determine where the audience is. Determine the fit of our value proposition. Determine who the influencers are. Blogs: Content and contribution.
Twitter: Real-time conversation. This allows us to contribute the most
meaningful information. Who drives the conversation? Through listening, we determine tone, fit, and our ability to contribute.
Drive traffic to our website in the amount of 1000 pageviews/month
Increase the RRVBC general membership by 15 percent
Extend our brand presence through 50 "likes" and 150 "retweets" monthly

The 80/20 Rule.
80%: value-add content aimed at target audience
20%: self-promotion internally and externally Content Timing. How will we reach out and leverage those influentials?
Will we provide news, job-related postings or member promotion material?
How will it be delivered?
What will the annual timeline identify? Events? Promotions? Product launches? Use the timeline to order the postings.

Optimize content using keywords.

One department or committee should "own" social media.

However everyone should be consulted!

Timing. Voice. Value. Authenticity. Freebies. Promotions with deals to participant; daily deals

Tips or how-to's

Little known factoids

White papers

Relevant and timely statistics

Ask your community; take polls, share results

Invite guest authors

Top 10 lists

Case studies

Guides to help educate


Live events




Gift ideas 1. Smart objectives.
2. Solid timeline.
3. Great content.
4. The right social media. Social media marketing isn't as easy to measure as other online channels but it can be done

Success metrics

Who's reading your content?

Where are they coming from?

How much is being contributed?

How many visitors interact with our content?


Share of voice




Popularity As a brief example... suppose the RRVBC were to launch an
email campaign during the summer months. Are we prepared
to measure the effect on pageviews? The website could be tied
to a link to join the online network on LinkedIn. Have we determined
a dashboard method to track group membership and correlate
the traffic driven from the website to the growth or lack of growth?

Ultimately, can the email campaign, driving traffic to the website,
meant to create brand awareness around the LinkedIn group, create
connections that lead to more veterans becoming employed in our
member organizations?

Are our expectations to scale?

An incremental increase in employment of 1 job is not necessarily a failure
if our expectations are aligned with our activity.

What would you consider a successful cold calling or mass mailng
campaign? Is the effect of social media that much different? Is the message driving the activity
that ensures success in relation to
our stated goal? Ensuring... 1. Everyone must work together.
2. The organization must be on board top-down.
3. Don't expect overnight success. Lack of internal collaboration and contact
makes and kind of social media involvement
virtually impossible. Status quo is dead. Any organization that isn’t willing to listen to customers and be nimble and quick enough to respond, and, when necessary, change, will soon be unable to add value. Once the community is created, listen to it. ...because @paulgebel

paulgebel+rrvbc@gmail.com http://bit.ly/rrvbcsocial For the full version, go to:
http://bit.ly/rrvbcrevolution. Thank you.
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