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The REAL Pushcart War

The untold part of the real story!

ezekiel mondragon

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of The REAL Pushcart War

Traffic Commissioner The Pushcart War Trucks are the main problem of the traffic in NYC.They're too big for the streets and block all the traffic. And worse is that the truck drivers are aggresive. Can't get to work on time stuck in traffic jam. have to get to business and open late. hi City Worker The REAL Pushcart War Pushcarts will get out of the way or
else we will make them! we want peace please
no war! Nice try bubs!
but your all going down! lets be reasonable.... ATTACK! The trucks push the gas peddle and run over the pushcarts but luckily everyone jumped out of the way! MWAHAHAHA!!!!! screamed mac as he ran into
morris the florrist's pushcart
(and over his foot) TAKE THAT SHRIMP!!! screamed mac as he crashed into a building
because he wasn't paying attention to the road NOOOO!!!!!
I WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN! sorry but you shouldn't be bullying just because
you're bigger! I WILL GET YOU
NEXT TIME MORRIS!!!!! well at least in 5 years he will hahahahaha!! everyone laughed as the sun sets THE END
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