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Das Alpensyndrom

No description

Felix Lohoff

on 10 April 2017

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Transcript of Das Alpensyndrom

The Alpine-syndrome
Position of the Alps
What caused the Alpine-syndrome?
Which causes has the Alpine-syndrome for the environment?
How did the syndrom develop in the course of the past centuries ?
Zarmatt - an example for mass tourism in the Alps

Table of contents
What is the Alpine-syndrom?
The Alpine-syndrome is an example for the causes of mass tourism on the environment.

-> mass tourism syndrome


Mass tourism:
Snow groomer
Skilifts and slopes
Lakes created for snow cannons
Infrastructure: Extension of water- and electricity networks

Monday, 10.04.2017
iLök Post
Position of the Alps
How did the Alpine-syndrome develop?
Central europe
Spread of 1200km

Countries bordering the Alps:
Germany (north)
Italy (south)
Austria (center)
Switzerland (center)
France (west)
Slowenia (east)

Europe's biggest mountain chain
Highest peak: Mont Blanc
(4810 Meter)

Before 1950

-mainly individual tourism

-Vacation is only affordable for the
upper class

-bad infrastrucutre and no
connecntion to existing roads

The Alpine-syndrome

After 1950

-Increase of wealth in the population makes it possible for the middle class to visit the alps

-Increasing rate of cars in the area

-Tourism develops from a sustainable individual tourism to a non sustainable mass tourism
Environmental causes of the Alpine-Syndrome
Damage to the environment due to:
-Soil sealing to build new structures for the tourism
-Risk of erosion and avalanches due to missing roots in the ground - > non sustainable forestry
-withdrawal of soil creates holes

Conclusion: Due to non sustainable forestry and the withdrawal of soil the ground is damaged irreversible

What caused the Alpine-syndrome?
Position of

-Italy (west)
-1610m over sealevel
-high alpine area

-Matterhorn (4478m)
- very big ski resort all around Zarmatt

Problems the Alpine-syndrome causes in

-Bigger competition inbetween the skiresorts leads to a steady extension of the Zarmatt ski resorts

-Due to stricter safety rules the space needed for skiing increases

-Creation of conservation areas
-Built of ski slopes only on uncritical places concerning nature
-ban of heavy machinery

-The climate change makes it necessary to use snow cannons more often

-Destruction of the nature decreases the atractiveness of the skiresort
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