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Water Usage

No description

Josh Hua

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Water Usage

Importance of Water
All animals and plants require water to survive
Water also used for washing things such as clothes
Recreations like swimming pools
Water is also used to prepare meals
Water usage increased past centuries
5 Ways an Individual can Improve Their Environmental Footprint.
There is an ample amount of water
wasted throughout the society with
extended length of showers,
waterparks, leaving the tap running
and even pressing the flush button
too many times! Stop wasting water!

Plants & Animals
Plants and animals provide food
Less food, prices would rise, global economy would fall
No food creates death for humans
Water Sustainability
Water Sustainibility
Imagine a world without water. Imagine the chaos and mass death that would occur. The survival of every living thing depends on water, if we don't preserve what little clean water we have, we could face serious problems.
Impact Towards the Economy & Daily Lives
Water is used to keep people healthy
Sick people can't work or support the economy
Unable to pay taxes or buy goods
Paying for healthcare could cause problems
Role and Response - Local
- Local Government can create campaigns encouraging people to save water using a variety of different techniques

Plant and animals depend on water to survive
Animals make people happy, like in zoos
Role and Response - State
- The state can create water saving rebates, giving money back to people, allowing some people to afford more water efficient water systems. Simple things such as solar heating could benefit our society greatly.

- Laws can be made for people discontinue use of certain products or restrict some access to water wasting products.

- Better funded campaigns to continually inform people who may have forgotten or unsure of how important water is to humanity.
Importance of Water
1. Learning to efficiently water the garden using a hose instead of sprinklers
2. Completely turning off taps/faucets, making sure there are no leaks.
3. Using faucet aerators reducing amount of water used
4. Regularly checking pipes for water leakage
5. Using an efficient toilet
Role and Response - National
- The government can fund scientists and researchers to find new and exciting ways to conserve water.

- They can host and inform people about events such as National Water week

-Create dams and projects such as monitoring rivers and their water levels, finding the solution to preserve and even increase the amount of water avaliable and creating things such as desalination plants.
- They can also implement laws which prevent excess use of water.

-Individuals can conserve water using a variety of different ways. Using water tanks, Shorter showers, Shower water restrictors, constantly monitoring pipes for leakage, solar heating of water, efficient gardening and turning off the tap/faucet completely.
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