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Changes to the MLA Handbook, Eighth Edition Overview

No description

H D Childree

on 28 July 2016

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Transcript of Changes to the MLA Handbook, Eighth Edition Overview

Changes to the
MLA Handbook
Eighth Edition
No longer abbreviate
review of
A text with 3 or more authors uses only the first author and et. al.
Previously, et. al. was for texts with 4 or more authors.
In the works cited only, use p. or pp. to indicate page numbers.
Do not use p. or pp. for in-text citations.
of publication is no longer required in a book citation.
Use Vol. and No. or Iss. in the works cited to indicate a journal's volume and number or issue. In addition, use the month and season along with the year.
Publishers (cont.)
If the publisher and author are the same, omit the author information and keep the publisher information.
Medium of Publication
No longer required except for clarity.
Always use the URL with no angle brackets.
Use a DOI when available.
Date accessed is optional.
Online (cont)
Do not use placeholders for unavailable information, such as n. d. or n. p.
Online (cont.)
If publication information is available from another, reliable source, place it in square brackets; otherwise, omit the information.
Use full names, drop the word
and still use U, P, and UP.
Use a slash (/) to separate copublishers.
In-Text Citations
Cite video times and shorten titles in parenthetical citations.
The MLA Handbook
also discusses how to cite borrowings from Greek, Roman, and medieval sources, punctuation for combined items, and formatting for nonpaper research projects.
In-Text Citations (cont.)
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