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No description

nate larson

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of eragon

ERAGON BY. Cristopher Paolini This story takes place in the old time when there were dragons and magical creatures. There are many characters so i will just name the main characters. This is eragon he is the very main character the entire story is based on him. This is Brom he is the one who taught Eragon he eventually dies. This is Murtagh he is Eragons brother This is Hrothgae and he is the dwarf king he lives in Tronghemheim. This is Ajihad and he is the good human king. This is galbotorix and he is the king of algeasea but he is bad. When Eragon is a poor farm boy he discovers a dragon egg that has a lot more to just a story it is a magical adventure that you will love. I think that you will love this book because it has a very good story to it. this is Murtagh and he is eragons brother XxXB#$%TLYXxX
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