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How Astronauts Use Math

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Nolan Gaffney

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of How Astronauts Use Math

How Astronauts Use Math
By Nolan Gaffney and Owen DiAngelo
An astronaut is a person trained to travel in a spacecraft. They might be a pilot, commander, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft.
What is an astronaut
When astronauts are in space they are normally taking tests and using theories. Theories have formulas, therefor they are using math.
Required math skills
Some math skills required for being an astronaut are.
College Algebra
Linear Algebra
Calculus I, II, and III
Ordinary Differential Equations
Astronauts have to calculate the distance, speed, and velocity when flying. If your calculation are off you may miss your target or destination.
How astronauts use math
Low End Salary: $64,724/yr
Median Salary: $100,000/yr
High End Salary: $141,715/yr
Interview with Wendy
Astronauts use math when they take of from earth. They use math to control and steer using degrees.
Interviewer: Hi Wendy how are you?
Wendy: Good.
Interviewer: So Wendy, how do you use math in your job as an as astronaut?
Wendy: I use math regularly. We need to calculate the landing speed which uses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We also use various types of measuring units.
Interviewer: Without math would you be able to have a job as an astronaut?
Wendy: No. It is an essential in being an astronaut.
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The END!
Thanks for watching!!
Thanks for Watching we hope you enjoyed!!
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