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Newcomers' session Technical Meeting 2015

Desk layout, great for presenting a lot of information

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Transcript of Newcomers' session Technical Meeting 2015

Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations
c/o MS/Action Aid Denmark
Fælledvej 12
2200 Copenhagen N
Ready for the TM ?
Thank you !
Who are we?
is an International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation;

was founded in 1982;

is made up 49 of full, associate and candidate members (from 28 countries);

has partners from others networks.
- come from Europe, America and Asia. Full membership is open to organisations from Europe but organisations from other continents can become Associate Members.

- are national organisations involved in international volunteering.

- have a legal personality in their own country;

- promote international understanding, peace and voluntary service;

- have structure that encourages young people to play an active role in the organisation, and accept the provisions of Alliance constitution.
Alliance members
The Alliance has a lot of partners and works together with organisations and networks from all over the world
At this moment the Alliance has 34 partner organisations
Every year partners and guest organisations are invited to present their organisations and projects at the Technical Meeting
The Alliance Quality Charter sets the standards of our work together, thus enriching the experiences for all those involved: the volunteers, the hosting communities and the hosting and sending organisations.
For Alliance members, partners and guests those standards are
This document is available at:
What do I need before the TM?
TM Checklist
- Workcamp program PEF (.txt, .doc, .xml)
- Yellow pages
- Exchange agreements
- Sweets/snacks from my country
- Energy for long hours of work
Bilateral chart
Taking appointment
Pigeon Box
TM 2015 CD
Bilateral meeting
In 15+15 min ask/answer about:
- starting the placements/opening date,
- age limit
the programme
- inclusion volunteers
- special projects (teens, seniors, etc)
- feedback from the past season
- other possibilities for exchange
sign exchange agreement!
If you need support during the season, ask for help and get a Buddy!
Buddy System
The non-official TM!

Extra hours are allowed!!!
Some important reminders about the season...
The beginning of the season
Recruiting volunteers (brochures and/or websites)

VEF (Volunteer Exchange Form)
The exchange season
Placement requests
incoming (hosting organisation)
outgoing (sending organisation)
Free Place list (FPL) aka Friday list
Confirmation Slip
(e-mail, placement programs, phone,...)

Ideally answers should be given as soon as possible and
not more than two working days

All exchange correspondence must be sent to the partner organisation, NOT to the volunteer directly
Exchange correspondence
How to name the subject of e-mail?
To send the VEF to the hosting organisation
Subject: VEF: MODLY M. for ISL 18

To accept the VEF of the sending organisation
Subject: Acceptance MODLY M. for ISL 18

To refuse the VEF of hosting organisation
Subject: Non acceptance MODLY M. for ISL 18

To ask for reply if you are waiting for a long time
Subject: Status enquiry MODLY M. for ISL 18

To inform the hosting organisation about cancellation from the volunteer
Subject: Cancellation of participation MODLY M. for ISL 18

Do Not Forget
Safety, Health & Well-being

Evaluation and Follow-up
Code and name of project
Project dates

Number of volunteers

Information about the hosting organisation
National partner organisations/local host

Emergency contacts
About Alliance

Leadership Theme/project


Description of the work
Things to bring




Meeting point


Traveling instructions
Extra fees
Useful websites
Volunteer’s responsibilities and rights

Confirmation slip
To be sent four weeks before the camp starts LATEST!!!
Newcomer session
Check the season step-by-step guide in the Alliance Guidebook...
Candidate member
Full member
Associate member
After minimum 2 years
A candidate member has carried out international voluntary service in its own country & has had exchange relationship with Alliance members
for at least two years
Additional member
Vice-President for External Relations
General Secretary
Alliance Secretary
... and stick the "Golden Rules of placement" document next to your desk!
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