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Keith Jorgensen

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Brazil

International Business In Brazil

Educate others on how to conduct business etiquette within the following areas:

Introductions/ Greetings

Professional Dress

Gift Giving & Receiving

Business Meetings

Meals & Entertainment

Communication & Gestures

About Brazil
5th Largest Country - 3,286,470 sq. miles

5th Largest Population - 193,946,886 people (2012)

Capital - Brasília

Major Cities - Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador

Official Language - Portuguese

Official Religion - Christianity

6th Largest Economy - GDP $ 2.5 trillion

Major Holidays - Carnival, Tiradentes Day, and Independence Day
National Flag
Rio de Janeiro

Shake hands with everyone present and maintain eye contact
Exchange kisses on the cheeks, starting with the left

Married women kiss twice on the cheek

Single women kiss three times on the cheek

If a women wishes to shake hands with a man, she will extend her hand first
First names are used often in the workplace, but titles are important

Hugging and Backslapping are common among friends/ close colleagues

May take very long time to depart
You're the CEO of a major fortune 500 company located in the heart of Minnesota's business capital, Minneapolis. In the last few years your business has taken off substantially. Not only have you opened up several businesses in your home state, but also across the country. You decide you want to continue expanding your business and increase your profits, but you don't know how. Until one day you set forth your life long dream of going international. Except there's one problem, you don't know how to go about it.
Professional Dress
Appearance and first impressions count in business

Brazilians pride themselves in the way they dress
Men's Dress Attire
Conservative dark suits, shirts, and ties

Executives & other high rank officials - three (3) piece suits

Office workers & lower rank officials - two (2) piece suits

Stylish shoes that are polished and well-kept
Women's Dress Attire
Brazilian women dress elegant and a little sensual whether in business, formal, or casual

Feminine dresses, suits, and pantsuits are accepted

Stylish shoes

Nails should be manicured
Avoid wearing colors of the Brazilian flag

Gift Giving
Accepting Gifts
Important in establishing business relationships

Present after formal business meeting or at a social gathering

Give small gifts that are unique to your country

Send flowers before or after visiting someones home for dinner

"Your Welcome" in Portuguese - "Bem-Vindo/a"
Ex. (books, flowers, nice pens, or chocolate)
Open gift immediately upon receiving

"Thank you" in Portuguese - "Obrigado"
Don't give gifts that are purple or black

Don't give handkerchiefs

Don't give gifts that are sharp objects

Ex. (flowers)
Ex. (Knives, scissors, or letter openers)
Business Meetings
Schedule meetings 2-3 weeks in advance and confirm in writing

Provide company with subject of meeting in advance

Be on time, punctuality is important in Brazilian business meetings

Some areas are casual about punctuality, Brazilian colleagues may arrive late

Ex. (Sao Paulo, Brasília, and Rio de Jainero)
Let the host bring up business talk first

Get-to-know small talk usually takes place at beginning of meetings

Business meetings take a long time, are carried at a casual and unhurried pace

Business meetings are informal

Always conduct business face to face
Presentations should be expressive and have some flair

Exchange business cards at the end

Impress Brazilian colleagues by staying at a nice hotel

Don't plan Business trips over Brazilian holidays
Ex. (Carnival, Independence Day, and Tiradentes Day)
Here's my card!
Business Card

Meals are often times lengthy

Will be entertained in a prestigious restaurant

Always wash hands before every meal

While eating use a knife and fork for everything and use a napkin

Using toothpicks is not acceptable unless covering mouth

Beckon waiter by holding up index finger of right hand

Don't tip unless service was outstanding
Ex. (Lunch may last two or more hours)
Arrive at least a half hour late for dinner

Arrive up to an hour late for a party or large gathering

Brazilians dress with flair and elegance and judge others on appearance
Communication with Brazilian colleagues is easy

Prefer face to face communication over e-mail, phone, or fax

Communication is rather informal during business meetings

Interrupting others during discussion shows enthusiasm

Discuss safe and interesting topics

Speak Portuguese when possible
Ex. (fútbol, the beaches, Brazil's growth as a country, ect.)
Brazilians are very tactile and work in close proximity

Maintain strong eye contact

Thumbs up - positive meaning

Thumbs down - negative meaning

"Good Luck" hand gesture

Close relationship gesture
Ex. (touching arms & elbows, along with backslapping)
Ex. (O.K., cool, & I agree)
Ex. (Lame, not cool, & I don't agree)
Don't discuss topics that are controversial or offensive

Ex. ( Argentina, religion, the rainforest, politics, and class system)
Don't discuss personal topics

Don't make the "O.K" sign with hand

Ex. (age, salary, and marriage)
Why Brazil
Economic powerhouse of South America

Apart of the BRIC nations group

Culture is fascinating & the country is beautiful

Host of
2014 World Cup
2016 Summer Olympics
Ex. (10 minutes)
Amount of Money Each BRIC Country Gained by International Trade
$Dollars (Billions)
Recent and Projected Economies based on GDPs
After taking the time to research and gather information about how to start up your business in Brazil, you are now closer than ever to finally achieving your dream of going international in the business world. Not only will you be able to persuade Brazilian business colleagues into investing into your firm, but you are able to do it with ease; impressing every businessman in Brazil with your new found knowledge of how to conduct proper business etiquette in their country. With this knowledge you will be able to show how invested you are and how much you care, on a business-level and even more importantly on a personal-level, something that many Brazilians appreciate time and time again.
Stop Imagining...
& Take Action
Thank You
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