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Plagiarism and Paraphrasing

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Kathy Karn-Carmichael

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Plagiarism and Paraphrasing

According to the Oxford English Reference Dictionary: plagiarize is to "take and use (the thoughts, writings, inventions, etc. of (another person) as one's own. (1107)
What are the types of Plagiarism
Purchasing a research paper
Copy and paste from published work
Fabricating quotes or other information
Turning in someone else's work as your own
Incorrect citation including: omitting quotation marks, providing incorrect information
Copying so much information from a single source it constitutes the majority of the work, whether it was cited or not
Paraphrasing a section of a work and not providing a citation
Cutting and Pasting
material from a website and not
crediting the source
Using previous work such
as a term paper written for
another class as original
research, thoughts and ideas
which are not
original must be cited
even if it is your
What you must cite:
Electronic Media images and audio
All information which is not "common knowledge"

Information which most people know without having to verify through a resource.

It is common knowledge if:
You know information before you learned it in a class
The information came from your own memory
If you asked one of your relatives, they would know the information

Legal drinking age
Capital of South Carolina
Minimum wage

If you have expert knowledge in a particular area, such as equestrian expertise, that information must be cited

A tip for determining whether of not information is common knowledge, ask yourself would most of your friends or family know this information without looking it up

USCA Honor Code
On my honor as a University of South Carolina Aiken student , I have completed my work according to the principal of Academic integrity. I have neither given nor recieved any unauthorized aid on this assignment/examination.
Notorious Plagiarists
Challenges in Writing
Develop a topic based upon what has already been written, then write something new and original
Rely on experts' authority and opinion, then improve or challenge those opinions
Give credit to researchers, while incorporating your own thoughts, ideas, and analysis
What Not to Cite?
Your own experiences , ideas, and conclusions
Writing your own results obtained through lab or field experiences
Your own artwork, photographs or creations
When you are using "common knowledge"
When you are using generally-accepted facts, e.g., pollution is bad for the environment
Library Reference Desk
Sunday 2 pm-6 pm
Monday -Thursday 12 pm - 7:30 pm
Friday 12 pm - 5 pm

Paraphrasing is taking someone else’s ideas and words and putting them into your own words
It DOES NOT mean changing just a few words in each sentence

Credit the source somewhere in the paraphrase or summary, e.g., According to John Smith…

Close your book, source, notes and try writing the summary

Check your paraphrase or summary against the original text; correct any errors in content accuracy

Use quotation marks to set off any exact phrases from the original text

Check paraphrase or summary against sentence and paragraph structure

Put quotation marks around any unique words or phrases that you cannot or do not want to change
How to Paraphrase
Failure -
of assignment and/or course.

Expulsion -
Dismissal from the University without the possibility of re-admittance.

Suspension for a Period of Time -
Denial of enrollment, attendance, and other privileges at the University for a specified period of time. Permission to reapply for readmission upon termination of the period may be granted with or without sanctions.

Sanction -
Sanctions may include, (but are not limited to), attendance at or participation in a program or community service, program development, and researching and writing a paper on a topic related to the violation.
Consequences of academic dishonesty at USCA
Online Help


What is common knowledge-
Plagiarism and

Change your attitude about using citations.

Using citations demonstrates that you have an understanding of the the material

Improve your note-taking skills. Good notes will reduce the chances of plagiarism by omission of information

Locate the right style manual. Using the right citation style allows you to quickly and easily document sources. Avoid citation generators they have multiple errors

Keep your research organized recording sources as you find them(i.e. make sure you note which database an electronic article was retrieved from)

Create your works cited page before you begin writing, and then check off sources as they are used in the text and delete any sources not used.

DO NOT list sources which are not cited in the text
Writing your own lived experiences, observations and insights, thoughts, and conclusions about a subject

When you are writing up your own results obtained through lab or field experiments

When you use your own artwork, digital photographs, video, audio, etc.

When you are using "common knowledge” (using generally-accepted facts, e.g., pollution is bad for the environment)
Unintentional Plagiarism is usually a
result of laziness or carelessness
Avoiding Plagiarism
What you don't cite
Source: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/32657885/ns/technology_and_science-tech_and_gadgets/t/steal-story-beware-nets-plagiarism-cops/
Thesaurus Plagiarism
Can I Use a Thesauraus to Paraphrase?
Like all good things it is best when used in moderation
Do not use a thesauraus to try to outwit Turn-It-In or Safe Assign. IT WON'T WORK!!
Don't be a Baby Kangaroo Tribianni!
Source: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=9s0LqZMsfTQ
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