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Foot2Africa: Kilimanjaro Youth trade center

Presentation for fund raising for the benefit of Kilimanjaro Youth Trade Center

Klaus Kristensen

on 8 September 2011

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Transcript of Foot2Africa: Kilimanjaro Youth trade center

Kilimanjaro Youth Trade Center The Youth of Tanzania Facts of the Tanzanian youth
0-14 Years: 42%
Median age: 18.5 Years
Life Expectancy: 52.85 Years

After primary school (age 15 ): Introduction to a minor economy
Lack of sufficient education
Personal Economy rules out further education
Scarcity of jobs
Lack of governmental actions 36% of toltal population is lving under the Poverty Linie
GDP per capita: 1.400$
High Unemployment rate Facing a Tanzanian future Low self-esteem
Difficult transition to a self-reliant adulthood

Job informal sector equals:
Low wages
Little social and job security
Dangerous work conditions
Marginal opportunity for further education Facts that multiply when from a disadvantage background with no social safty net 17 % of children are currently living on the streets in Tanzania The Vision The Kilimanjaro Youth Trade Center Unique- "360 degrees package" Educational Programs Building Budget The stages Land How to get there Where do you fit in Foot2Afrika upholds that quality services to youth, organized by well coordinated organizations, can contribute enormously to the development of youth and society at large. Foot2Afrika seeks a world of hope, acceptance and social justice where youth development is fully promoted and youth live in dignity and security. 1: To provide information to youth regarding the available services and resources and to facilitate the link between the target group and the service providers.

2: To establish a Youth Trade Center

3: To establish a counseling centre for youth with psychological problems.

4: To encourage and promote the youth to start small scale income generating projects.

5: To establish a program of study and research on problems facing youth development.

6: To establish a program for capacity building for different organizations dealing with youth development.

7: To advise the authorities on various matters of youth development. The Objectives A safe haven where education, social safty and general counsuling is available:

Education, including English and extra tutoring for youth who are still in school;

Job skills training, including computers, sewing, construction and other trades;

Life skills training including money management, health and nutrition;

An entrepenuial spirit that encourages and supports the individual initiative

Referrals to other agencies that provide services including employment opportunities, vocational training, medical care and counseling.

A forum for discussion, sharing ideas and mutual support.

Community partnerships with micro-lending organizations would further support the youth in moving into successful income earning businesses. The Center will prodvide Filling the gap between:
Little or no Education

Social unstability

Little or no Education Being Employed

Social Safety Net

A Valuable Trade and opportunity for employment
Time Scale Description Stage price: Area in SQM Rate per SQM Total

1 Phase 1 Purchase of Land 42,000,000 42,000,000

2 Phase 2 Toilets Stages 1, Foundation 2,100,000
3 Toilets Stage 2, Block Work 2,520,000
4 Toilets Stage 3, Finishing 3,780,000 35 240,000 Total Phase Price: 8,400,000

5 Phase 2 Classrooms Stage 1, Foundation 19,586,580
6 Classrooms Stage 2, Block Work 16,322,150
7 Classrooms stage 3, Finishing 29,379,870 251,11 260,000 Total Phase Price: 65,288,600

8 Phase 4 Electrical installation 8,000,000 Total Phase Price: 8,000,000

9 Phase 5 Dining/Hall/Kitchen, Stage 1, Foundation 90,692,100
10 Dining/Hall/Kitchen, Stage 2, Block Work 75,576,750
11 Dining/Hall/Kitchen, Stage 3, Finishing 136,038,150 1007,69 300,000 Total Phase Price: 302,307,000

12 Phase 6 Staff Room, Stage 1, Foundation 8,751,600
13 Staff Room, Stage 2, Block Work 7,293,000
14 Staff Room, Stage 3, Finishing 13,127,400 507,63 260,000 Total Phase Price: 29,172,000

15 Phase 7 Staff House Stage 1, Foundation 39,595,140
16 Staff House Stage 2, Block Work 32,995,950
17 Staff House Stage 3, Finising 59,392,710 112,2 260,000 Total Phase Price: 131,983,800

18 Phase 8 Storm Water drainage 2,000,000

19 Phase 9 External Drainage, Public Sewer 5,000,000

20 Phase 10 Land Scaping 5,000,000

Contingencies Total Item Price: 55,991,400
Total: 655,142,800 Toilets Classrooms Electrical installation Dinning/Hall/Kitchen Staff Room Staff House Storm Water drainage External Drainage, Public Sewer Land Scaping Grant Proposals

Fundraising Events


Sponsorships Any help given and offered is greatly appriciated

Remember this is a voluntary project 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 The Rudisha Women Group
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