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RTC Program @ Fordham

Presentation about the RTC Program at Fordham.

Judy Rothschild

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of RTC Program @ Fordham

RTC Program After hours assistance
Weekend assistance
In-room assistance
More in touch w/Residents
Support ever growing Help Desk needs
What the RTC's In-room technical support
Residential network testing
Educational workshops
Marketing for IT initiatives
Liaisons - ResLife staff & RHA
Recruit & join IT taskforces
Submit blog & newsletter entries
Hardware support
OS reinstallations
Assist with gaming devices
Monitor resident behavior
Enforce policy (only report)
Do homework or projects Position Overview One RTC per building at RH and two at LC
RTC's come B2S early for training and student support
Maintain a minimum of 10 scheduled 'office' hours per week
Compensation is a semesterly stipend paid in thirds
All work must be entered into SDE ticketing system Current RTC Statistics Looking to the Future VS. Why We Started the
RTC Program RTC have individually assisted over 350 students
RTC have collectively run 40 workshops
Over 500 students have attended workshops this year
Wireless service improved in Tierney, O'Hare & Walsh
RTC Blog and Newsletter launched
DO Don't DO
Add an RTC for new residence hall
Marketing help for GMail and new Fordham NAC
Member at Large position on RHA
Dynamic website being developed
Facebook and twitter accounts to be added
Work with RTC's on B2S planning including:
- Attending RD/RA training
- Assist w/Tiger Team management & training
RTC compensation through room and board, like RA's
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