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No description

Eric Dickens

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Podio

TLUSA Organization

These are assignments, sometimes self-created, sometimes assigned by others. They are usually connected with a larger project or event. It is common for an event to have a large set of Deliverables needed to accomplish the goal.
These are individual meetings, TLT's, projects, etc. They are often viewed as "cards" or individual lines in a table.
Standard App
Projects, Press Content, Summer Adventures, State Fundraising, Purchase Orders, PM Info, etc.
Event/Meeting App
Meetings, Exhibits, Trail Leader Training, etc.
"Office Building"
There are several different uses for tasks. They are similar to deliverables, but are smaller in scope. They can be self-assigned or created for someone else to complete. You can also make them "private" and only you can see them. They work best when attached to projects or deliverables.
How do I know if I should assign a task, send a message or leave a comment?
How do I change the view, layout, or make a report?
Is there a way to create automation when a deliverable or task is created or edited?
Can I send an email directly into a Podio app or task?
How can I create a (web)form that can collect data, similar to a survey?
Prefer watching a video on it instead? Push play.
Why am I getting all these notifications about things I don't care about?!? Is there a way to stop notifications from items that don't include me, but make sure I don't miss anything else?
I need to share some of the information in Podio with someone else that isn't on staff. How can I do that?
Is it possible for me to import excel data into Podio?
Now that we have a cloud storage provider (ShareFile), how do I use it with Podio?
How can I clean up my activity stream so it's not so cluttered?
More questions? Podio probably has the answers.
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