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super speeders

we are the best!

Rhiannon Jenkins

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of super speeders

Meet the team!
Rogina- Our team manager
Jaron- Manafacturing engineer
Anushka- Graphic designer
Nathalie- Resource
Rhiannon- Resource manager
Abdulziz- Design engineer

Sponsors So far Absolute (Rogina's-fathers company) has sponsored us, with 600dhs! Police,(Anushka's aunt's company) are giving us 200dhs. MONEY! To give us a little 'kick off' we all gave in some money and got 120dhs. Then, we all did a cake sale after school and we raised 320dhs! On her own Nathalie, 208.50dhs doing lots of little jobs one of them being the 'trash and treasure' sale at JPS. Of course we had the 'Absolute' sponsor. As well as that Rhiannon made 45dhs doing some odd jobs in her compound and house. Abdulaziz- Design engineer Hi my name is Abdulaziz Chalya and I'm the Design Engineer of the F1 Car, even though some people might think it's quite complicated it's actualy really simple! My job is to design the car and make it extremely agile and aerodynamic. Rogina= Manager Hi my name is Rogina in F1 I am the Manager. I help the
team a lot. We are all together and we have never argued. I make the overall descision listening to everyone's suggestions. Anushka- Graphic designer Hi I'm Anushka and in F1 I am the Graphic designer, my job is to design our banners,posters, logos and our t-shirts along with our hats which are optional. Rhiannon- Resource manager Hi my name is Rhiannon in F1 I am the Resource manager. I am responsible for the presentation, folder, website, email etc.etc. I am helped with the website and folder by Nathalie my partner. Websites We have two websites, one is our blog;
one is www.bestsuperspeeders.piczo.com
and the last is www.wix.com/SuperSpeeders5/super-speeders each of them contain information about our team and what we hav been up to in F1. Jaron- Manafacturing engineer Nathalie- Resource Hello my name is Nathalie, and in my team I help Rhiannon with
Resource. I design the websites, help with the folder and I keep the money record. Hi my name is Jaron and in Super Speeders I am the manafacturing engineer. I design the car; working hand in hand with Abdulaziz.
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