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Chloe Dutton's Prezi

No description

Woodford Chestnut

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Chloe Dutton's Prezi

ABOUT SOME OF THE MEMBERS DIVERSITY!!!!!! ASHLEY BANJO!!! ALL ABOUT HIM ABOUT HIM!!! PERRI KIELY!!! He was born on the 4th of October,1988 in England.His
birth sign is Libra.He is a hip hop dancer who first gained fame by winning Britain's Got Talent with his dance crew Diversity.Before Fame He studied Biology at the University of London, while competing on Britain's Got Talent.His dancing talent earned him a spot as a judge British reality dance competition, Got to Dance. He was born on the 15th of December.
His birth sign is Sagittarius (sorry I am not sure where he was
born).He attends able hall school in Corringham.Before winning
Britain's got talent Perri was just an ordinary kid who didn't expect when he was older to be in such an amazing street (dance) crew. This is one of their live dances ALL ABOUT HIM!!! WARREN RUSSEL!!! Warren was born on the 3rd May,1990.(sorry
again I don't know where he was born.
I could not find any other information so is a
video :0) Did you know
Diversity is what
inspired me to start streetdance
so now they are my rolemodels
and when I grow up I want to dance just like them!!!! BY CHLOE DUTTON MADE ON (A.K.A THE SMILEY ONE)
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