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State Powers

No description

Gene Monahan

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of State Powers

State Powers
Taking care of the poor
The writers of the constitution did not want the strongest government of all, Because they did not want to harm the peoples rights.
What are the state governments responsibility's ?
For example, they manage and build highways, and state parks. Also they oversee private schools and state collage's.
Sometimes the government pays money to provide food, shelter, health care, and basic need's for the poor.
Powers of states
The limitations of the government
The Constitution keeps the federal government from favoring one state over another. For example, Congress cannot favor one state over another in making a trade or in collecting taxes. Congress also cannot tax goods moving from one state to another.
The powers the states do not have
The powers the states do not have are listed in the Constitution . For example, states cannot print money, raise army's or make treaties with other countries. Only the federal government can do those things. Also, states cannot set up trade agreements with other states with out the approval of the Congress.
Question 1: Why did the writers of the constitution Not want to have the strongest government?
Question 2: Which of the following does the government fund? A. highways B. parks C. homeless shelters D. private schools/collages E. All of the above
Use what you have learned to list the limitation's of the government.
Your opinion

Do you think it's fair that the government has these ability's ? would you add any ability's or take any away ?
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