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Gabriel garcia marquez

No description

Trey Mattson

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Gabriel garcia marquez

Full name: Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez

Birth and place: 6 March 1927 ,Aracataca,Colombia
Death: 17 April 2014)
(aged 87)
Early life
First publish
Popular book
Middle age
By: Trey Mattson
Gabriel Garcia marquess
*Gabriel's father had four children before he got married

* After many years of his children convincing they should get married and later they had 12 more kids.
*From age of eight he lived with his maternal grandparents.
*His grandparents had great influence on his writing career from telling stories to him.
The Jesuit Liceo Nacional gave Gabriel a scholarship when he was fourteen. And Graduated from this school in 1946 when decided.
After his Grandfather died in 1936 Gabriel when back to live with his parents in north central Colombia for a short amount of time then attend boarding school.
Then he his family insisted him to attend the National University of Colombia in which he studied law .
In 1947, one of the ten stories was published by the El Espectodor publisher.l
By 1950 Gabriel started to write daily paper for the El Heraldo publisher when he moved to Barranquilla
Gabriel's most popular novel 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' published in 1967 gained international commendation and won the Nobel prize in literature and the Romula Gallegos prize in 1972.
Short summary
: The story of one Hundred years of Solitude is history Macondo, a a unnamed region of South America and the two's founders the Burundian family. The whole book follows seven Generation's of this region.
Gabriel first novel:Leaf Storm
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