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Emirates Marketing Strategy Presentation

No description

Ahmed Assad

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Emirates Marketing Strategy Presentation

Emirates Marketing
Strategy Environmental Analysis- Political & legal Environmental Analysis- Economic Environmental Analysis-Social •Eastern Europe tourism increase Environmental Analysis-Technological Government investment and favorable economic policy international terrorism Middle East political instability Restricted use of foreign airport Etihad Competitor Appraisal – Singapore Airlines Competitor Appraisal  Long-haul international flights Company offerings Etihad cargo
Etihad holidays Corporate strategy  Etihad as market challenger

 Positioning: Leading premium airline brand in the world

 Objective: Increasing growth and market share Segmentation by psychographics (profession and behavior)

Target markets:
Business travels
Leisure travels Customers Build brand and product awareness

Drive business forward, enhance sales

Promote awareness of Abu Dhabi as holiday destination Marketing strategy

Reached break even point in 2010 Performance Outcomes Corporate strategy: To build a vibrant, enlightened and empowered investor community service excellence Company offerings: Customers (target market): Australians traveling internationally to East Asia, South West Pacific, Europe, the Americas, West Asia, and Africa for business or holiday purposes Marketing strategy: Singapore Girl luxury, comfort, extraordinary service “Singapore Airlines – A Great Way to Fly” Performance outcomes: Ahmed Assad Alison Studholme Joshua Watt Sonja Knobloch Suzana Ilievska Corporate strategy
Brand Vision Brand Mission Values Company offerings First Class Business Class Economy Class: In-flight entertainment system-ICE Achievements Performance outcomes Fuel efficient engines Rising oil prices European financial crisis Emerging markets •Football world cup 2014 •Rapid population increase in emerging markets •Southern Europe tourism decline New aircraft designs On board wireless technology Increasing passenger numbers Increasing revenue Social responsibility Modern fleet of 99 aircraft Enhanced entertainment system Customers Analysis Target Market •Demographic characteristics

•Geographic characteristics

•Psychographic characteristics: Why Emirates? high quality service (DinarStandard 2012).

Brand reputation

Partnership with Qantas SWOT Analysis Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat •Emirates is continuously innovative

•Advance in technology

•Strong financial capabilities: The airline is making a profit

•Partnership With Qantas: This will help Emirates to attract more Australian customers

•Well recognized Brand. It is currently number three on the top airline brands

•High customer satisfaction•Economy class: it is one the best Economy class Depends heavily on expat employees

Emirates has low revenue From Americas, Middle East, and Africa Emerging market such as east Europe and Brazil

introduce new technology and services • Increase in Oil prices: it will affect the business profit

• Terrorist attacks: This might decrees the number of flights

• Unstable political conditions: This might decrees the number of flights

• Financial crises Goals and Objectives Increase the number of flights from Australia to east Europe and Brazil by 2013-2014 Green fuels Become the number one airline brand in the world by 2017. •Emirates is the First to put in a personal video in all three classes

•Emirates is the First to present Private Suites in its fleet

•Emirates is the First to order the Airbus A380

•Emirates is the First to have on-board showers

•Emirates has the largest order of A380s, A350s and B777-300s

•Emirates is the First airline with 1,000+ channels on demand

•Emirates is the fastest growing intercontinental airline of its size Qantas and Emirates partnerships FOOD Exclusive travel extra for children Reference List Al-Abed, I, Vine, P & Hellyer, P 2006, United Arab Emirates Yearbook 2006, Ministry of Information and Culture, Trident Press, London.

CAPA n.d. 2012, Etihad Airways nears USD1 billion revenue as quarterly growth slightly outpaces capacity, accessed 07/09/2012, http://centreforaviation.com/analysis/financials/etihad-airways-nears-usd1-billion-revenue-as-quarterly-growth-slightly-outpaces-capacity-71312

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(Etihad 2012)
(Al-Abed et al 2006) (Etihad 2012) (Etihad 2012) (Etihad 2012) (Gale 2011)
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