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No description

Rachael Doubledee

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Identity


At what point did nightmares lose their power? I wasn't in control. I can't tell you when the dreams became violent, can'te tell you why.

Zombie dreams: The door is Locked, both of them are, but you forgot the one in tha back. Before you know it, the Zombies are everywhere, flooding in. Friends are bitten and come after you, what do you do?

I can tell you exactly how i killed every zombie in that dream, and you know what? it was kinda fun. Watching

I could speak as a child, but I chose to watch other people instead.
It wasn't that I was shy, that would come later. I knew what I wanted.

Observing others, actions and reactions, back and forth. Understanding
peices of other people makes you understand yourself Me as me

I could fit into my own hands. This is official me. You can see my ears, I don't smile, so you can still see the color of my eyes.

This is traveling me, the me that will let me into places I have never seen befrore.
The point you realize something profound. It's not that you understnd who you are or where
you came from. Its that you know these things and somehow, the parts of you that belongs to them
reaches out and connects them. It's seeing both sides, whether an argument, or the Devil and
God that are raging inside you.
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