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Ethical Dilemma in a classroom

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Stephanie Montanez

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Ethical Dilemma in a classroom

Ethical Dilemma in the Classroom
Stephanie Montanez
Ethical dilemmas in an Elementary classroom
Classroom Discipline

classroom have ethical concerns often because not all student respond positively to discipline and correction.
Teachers strive to make sure students are fairly disciplined in a Classroom setting.
Showing unconditional acceptance to all children is the key to developmental discipline.
When involving parents
teachers must selectively choose when a parent needs to know or deserves to know about issues concerning their child.
Teachers often struggle with assigning grades because many want to reward progress and effort even if actual grades don't reflect success. Some student don't need to put much effort to get A's in a classroom while others put great effort and still receive a failing grade.
Romance with students
Inappropriate relationships with students can also raise moral issues.
In these instances, it is the teachers responsibility to control themselves.
If a student is a minor, romantic or sexual relationships between them may be illegal.
Maintaining professional distance may be the best method.
Classroom Discipline
Teacher Bribes
teachers often get bribed by students or parents hoping to get secure grades or better treatments for their children.
Dilemma 1: Possible learning disability
Results because of a child having a type of illness. this can affect the student's performance in the classroom.
Dilemma 3: Medication
This dilemma has to do with a student needing to take medication because of having a disorder. Unfortunately this makes it difficult for a student to pay attention in a class,complete assignments, control aggressive behavior, and interacting with his peers.
Dilemma 2: Assessment conflict
An assessments conflict is when a students takes a test and the principal alters the test. A teacher knows that is unethical and not correct.
Student Rights
Students' rights can be an ethical dilemma. In the court decision Tinker V Des Moines, students' rights were protected to wear armbands to protest against the Vietnam War. They have the right to free expression as long as it does not interfere with the classroom.
Reference Page

http://kdorwin614.blogspot.com/2013/04/ethical-dilemmas.html The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. Know Your Rights and How to Make Them Work for You. New York, 1997
Two Girls Arrested in Cyberbullying Suicide by Arelis Hernandez and Jerriann Sullivan, Sun Sentinel Newspaper October 16, 2013
Another Broward Charter School Closes after failing to pay rent by Karen Yi, Sun Sentinel Newspaper October 16, 2013
Board of Education votes to extend grading “safety net” by Leslie Postal, Sun Sentinel Newspaper October 16, 2013

Cultural biases or language inequalities result in lower grades for non native English speakers or immigrants. Some teachers feel pressure to teach to a high stakes test rather than teaching topics that may be important to specific student groups.
A frequent dilemma concerns the role and value of high stakes tests and assessments. The tests are used to evaluate the overall performance of a school system.

A big ethical dilemma is bullying. Teachers need to be aware that students are not being bullied by other students or teachers such as the case in the Sun Sentinel paper. Two girls were bullying and harassing another girl to the point that the girl committed suicide. One of the girls did not even show remorse. In a case like this if the girl who was being bullied or anyone else would have spoken up the young girl's death could have been avoided. The teachers also should have noticed since they are the ones that need to ensure that the students are safe in school. They act in place of hte parents when children are in school.
Private Schools
Unlike public schools, private schools have the right to set standards specific to the kind of education and students they want. They can set severe penalties for bad behavior and require high intellectual aptitude for aptitude for admission. They can charge high fees.
Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
Three time tested principles

Ends based-do whatever provides the greatest good for the greatest number.
Rule based-we must ask if everyone in the world were to do what we are about to do or follow the rule to be followed then is that the kind of world we would want ot live in.
Care based-we should do to others what we would want others to do to us. We put ourselves in another person's shoes.
Teachers and students always encounter ethical dilemmas in a classroom. They must recognize what the dilemmas are to best solve them.
You are allowed to educate your child at home with the supervision of schools officials. If a child is home schooled and then goes to a regular school this can be a dilemma in many ways. The child is used to a one on one attention. They are used to being alone.
Educating your child at home
Religion in the classroom
The First Amendment established the separation of church and state. The Supreme Court prohibited prayers and bible reading in public schools.
In a Sun Sentinel newspaper article they spoke about the board of education in Florida voting for high schools to be grades with a safety net. Under this policy the school can only drop one letter grade when grades. Example is a school that was graded a B in 2012 and earned a D in 2013 would end up with a C. this will give the school a better grade than what they really earned. This can be unethical because they are not getting the actual grade earned.
Manipulation by reward and punishment. Punishment may become a way of threat. Reward may become a kind of bribe. This may teach children to change their behavior patterns for the wrong reasons. The children will not have a reason to cooperate when there isnt a reward.
When to involve parents is an ethical decision many teachers face. Some parents overreact to criticism and put too much pressure on their children to perform or correct classroom problems. Others might respond defensively and send a negative signal to their child about the teacher or the school.
More religion in classroom
THe court deciso
Dilemmas Involving Parents
School Safety Safety Net Grading
Student Discipline
In 1975 the Supreme Court asserted students' right of due process or to be treated fairly by government agencies. The court said schools must follow "minimum procedures" before negative action can be taken against a student. Many states prohibit schools from expelling students on the principle that to bar them from school denies them the right to an education.
Parent Involvement
Broward Charter school closes
The first amendment decision on religion could be a dilemma in the classroom. Everyone has different beliefs. Some students may want to learn and know about religion. They might also think is unfair how religion is banned in the classroom while other subjects are not.
Closing of a charter school in Broward because of the failing to pay rent. This school closed its door to 60 students. They failed to notify school district official beforehand.
Kandace Henley
Chastiry Castillo
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