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Trauma-Informed Approaches in Minnesota

More: www.socialinnovationlab.net/trauma

Michael Bischoff

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Trauma-Informed Approaches in Minnesota

Minnesota Networks
National Networks
Models & Methods
Researchers, Authors, Trainers
What is the research, framework, or model that has most influenced your trauma-informed work?
Still Need to Learn
Organizational Applications
What ways, if any, is your organization applying trauma-informed approaches internally to how your organization operates?
Key Elements
Ask "what happened?" instead of "what's wrong?"
Grounded in the reality of the person seeking services
Being aware of how trauma affects development, relationships and can affect all aspects of a person's life
What do you think of as the key elements
of a trauma-informed approach?
In the trauma-informed work you are doing, what is one of the biggest challenges?
What does your organization or community still need to learn in order to do trauma-informed work well?
117 people responded to an online survey
29 people were interviewed

Responses are a mixture of:
What do
you think
of as the
key elements
of a trauma-
What kinds of support would be most useful for you and your organization in developing and deepening trauma-informed practices?
In the trauma-informed work you are doing,
what is one thing that is working well?
Some of the suggested next steps for the lab:
Develop a trauma-informed network in MN to support application and integration of trauma-informed approaches
Convene small group learning communities to support organizations in become more trauma-informed
Build shared understanding and language that allows us collaborate effectively and communicate trauma-informed approaches more broadly
And support:
Explore the creation of a funders collaborative focused on trauma-informed approaches
Developing a state-wide plan for advancing and integrating trauma-informed approaches
What's Going Well?

Purpose of the Trauma-Informed Approaches Innovation Lab:

Assess the needs and opportunities for a collaborative effort

that will align and enhance trauma-informed work across Minnesota in ways that are both evidence-based and practice-based.

Based on what we learn, we will develop ongoing learning and collaboration opportunities

that will build upon mental health theory and technical knowledge of trauma-informed care

to support adaptive application that effectively integrates trauma-informed approaches into the cultures of our organizations and communities.
Approaches in Minnesota
What is the Minnesota story?
What are
What is
How is it going?
Where are we headed?
Informed by other stories
of trauma-informed approaches

Support Needed
What struck you about the data?
What does it mean for you, your work?
How will you
use this
How do we use what we have
to get what we want?
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