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Axe Body Spray

No description

Jameson Weiss

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Axe Body Spray

Health Hazard
-Fragrance rates 8 of 10 for overall health hazard and 6 out of 10
for immunitoxicity. Nearly all major Canadian scientific committies
classify this ingredient as a known human toxic and allergen.
SD Alcohol 40B
-For this ingredient, there is limited evidence for signs of reproductive
and developmental toxicity as well as liver and organ toxicity.
Hydrofluorocarbon 152
-Not expected to be harmful to human health.
Polyaminopropyl Biguanide Stearate
-Not expected to be harmful to human health.
Visual Diagrams and Graphics
Physical properties:
-Not Viscous
-7 on the pH scale
-This is implemented into the body spray to give
axe the beautiful smell it has.
SD Alcohol 40B
-To preserve the bottle of spray from becoming infected
by bacteria and other life forms.
Hydrofluorocarbon 152A
-This ingredient is used as refrigeration to the body spray. This way
the customer gets that silky-smooth, fresh scent everytime they
spray the bottle.
Polyaminopropyl Biguanide Stearate
-Polyaminopropyl Biguanide Stearate serves as a disinfectant and
preservative as well.
Why Axe body spray is better than Old Spice
Thank you!
-EU Ecolabel recognizes this Fragrance ingredient as a Wildlife and Environmental
Hydrofluorocarbon 152A
-Hydrofluorocarbon 152A is not suspected to be an environmental toxin.
Polyaminopropyl Biguanide Stearate
-Not an environmental risk.
SD Alcohol 40B
-Not an environmental risk.

Brand of male grooming products.
Known as Lynx in Ireland, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
Axe's lead product is the fragranced aerosol body spray.
We have also expanded our products to stick deodorants, hair gel, shampoo, and colognes.
Some failed extensions include underwear, barbershops, and razors.
Axe commercials often display a geeky man getting a ton of girls after using axe fragrance.
Chemical properties:
-Extremely Flammable
-Turns fire orange
-Non-reactive with water.
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