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professional athletes vs amateur athletes

No description

richard angel

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of professional athletes vs amateur athletes

Professional Athlete vs Amateur Athlete
What is an athlete?
An athlete is a person who is skilled in sports and other forms of physical exercise
3 types of athletes
1. Professional athlete
A professional athlete is an individual who is paid to play a certain sport. Ex. LeBron James, Lionel Messi and Sydney Crosby
2. Semi pro athlete
A semi pro athlete is an individual who is paid to play a certain sport and is not an amateur but they don’t play the sport full-time, because the level of pay is too low to make a basic living off of
3. Amateur athlete
An amateur athlete is an
individual who doesnt get
paid to play a certain sport
ex. NCAA players
Differences between amateurs & professionals athlete
play for the ENJOYMENT
participation is more important
train in their SPARE TIME
they CHOOSE to play
sports is just an ACTIVITY

play for MONEY
winning is the most important
play when told
sports is WORK
professionals and amateurs playing together
the olympics was for amateurs
in 1986
in 1988
why pros and amateurs shouldn't play together
skill level
amateurs vs. amateurs
strict on athletes being amateurs
endorsements and getting paid
Johnny Manziel
Heisman trophy winner
Texas A&M
AP player of the year
took money to sign autographs
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