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Presentation for HR department

Louisa Bavington

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Yammer

why use
Yammer? how what groups questions polls updates across heirarchy and location not for
me thanks! IT have been evaluating Yammer informally since August 2009 In February 2010 IT subscribed to service experimental
installed “at own risk” desktop mobile web recommended!
restricted to IP address
(WTS for external use) http://wiki/x/JZqiD support find interesting and relevant information what Yammer isn't Twitter
An excuse to post rubbish
A waste of time
Here to fix everything FBDYammerFeedback iPad Support Freshfields Book Club profile handy preferences lots of companies using Yammer what's next? what? wiki integration get supported by IT service desk up to you! security who to follow? don't follow everyone don't go by suggestions - not always that useful follow people you know, or who you know are key people/thought leaders best if groups based on functional aspects HR IT e.g. policy group open is best, closed loose some of benefit don't have to be member to post to public group think about which groups to join questions answered make connections recognised for skills, or being a thought-leader a hosted micro-blogging style platform Australia represents 29% of all government networks using Yammer. The US represents 33% and the UK about 26%. The rest of the world accounts for the other 12%. The company counts over 90,000 organisations as its customers across about 130 countries (Yammer now supports 94 languages). Around 80% of the Fortune 500 companies now use the service. twitter cross posting #tags - topics experimental
installed “at own risk” start yamming think about who to follow waste of time nothing
to share inappropriate wrong everyone
can see! existing communications post to a group of interested people more conversational inclusive start new conversations personal benefit improve working relationships senior management more than you think... doesn't
fit try it and see use common sense! use groups Learn more talk to me! more videos more to read down to you by Louisa Bavington, product manager louisa.bavington@freshfields.com louisa.bavington@freshfields.com
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