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About My Job

Brienna Rogers

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Optometrist

examine patients' eyes to diagnose vision problems. They prescribe corrective lenses or other treatments. Introduction Optometrist Duties &
Responsibilities -Examine patients -Decide if patients needs glasses -Record information -Steady hands -Be able to explain things Salary & Benefits Median Pay in MN -Hourly: $48.92 -Yearly: $101,750 By Brienna Rogers
Block 3 -Sick leave -Paid vacation -Health insurance -Retirement plan Education &
Training -High school diploma or GED -Three or more years of pre-optometry education -Graduate from an optometry program -Pass a state licensing exam -Illinois College of Optometry -The Ohio State University, College of Optometry when done with Pre-optomitry college -University of north Dakota _Public Schooling
-Total Estimated Cost:
$7,388 (including Room and Board, Books and supplies, Fees, and Tuition) per fall or spring
-For total fall and spring $14,776 For Pre-Optomitry Bemidji University -Public Schooling
-Minnesota Reciprocity $ 8,352 (not
including room and board and food) University of Bemidji Or!? University of North Dakota 1st choice 2nd Choice University Of North Dakota? I think yes!! Employment Change
2009 2019 Number Percent
Minnesota 653 769 17.8% Employment/ outlook Classes to take in high school -Human bio
-intro to health care
-anatomy and physiology
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