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The Klondike Gold Rush

No description

Sanjana Joseph

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of The Klondike Gold Rush

This Gold Rush started in the Yukon
Gold in the Yukon was discovered in 1896 in the Klondike river
This discovery led to a stampede, which caused many deaths and injuries, between 1897 and 1899.
This led to the establishment of Dawson City in 1896 and the Yukon Territory in 1898.
Gold was discovered during a depression and it made a significant impact on the economy of the nation.
It brought about a rapid advancement in the development and infrastructure of Alaska and Yukon Territory.
The transportation industry also benefited as there were not enough ships to bring the stampede of gold seekers. In 1899, the first White Pass and Yukon Route train runs from Alaska to Yukon.
Entrepreneurs opened stores, dance halls and salons.
The changes were not always positive and many prospectors went through hardship and suffering and returned home poorer than before.
They got their extra supplies from Dawson City. That was the nearest city to the Klondike river.
Pre-Gold rush
The search for gold in the Yukon started in 1874 with the arrival of a small handful of prospectors.
In 2 short years the people, the history, and even the landforms of the Yukon would be profoundly altered.
From a pre-gold rush figure of under 5,000 people, the population of Yukon would soar to over 30,000 in 1898.
The Klondike Gold Rush
Impact of Gold Rush on Canada
Their life must have been hard because if we were to dig for gold we would've used fancy machines
1 large bucket
2 axes, plus extra handle
2 picks, handsaw, whipsaw
1 shovel and pack strap
6 files, jack planes, hammer, drawing knifes
3 chisels, butcher knife
they used
we would use
crank drills
Dawson City was a boom town.
Almost 22 million dollars were pulled out of the creek, 2.5 million was pulled out in 1897 and 10 million was pulled out in 1898. When all the gold was mined and there were no more jobs, all the people had to go back to their own countries

boom town :
A Boom Town is a
town that grows suddenly.
Dawson city
by: Sanjana
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