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THE hardest ab workout ever put on dvd

No description

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of THE hardest ab workout ever put on dvd

Fit Fitz into your everyday
fitness schedule

Featuring the creator and word renowned fitness specialist Fitz Koehler. Along with some of your favorite gator football players, NFL stars, and Gainesville police force.
"The HARDEST ab workout ever put to disk"
The DVD contains three videos ranging from 12-15 minutes in length, making it possible to fit the workout into just about any schedule!
Thank You
Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this presentation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the DVD or the article. I hope to speak with you very soon.

Nicole Halpin
(954) 651- 4461
Upon graduating from the University of Florida with a Masters degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences, Fitz took on the world. Now President of Fitznes International, Fitz shares her knowledge around the globe via mass media, or other outlets. Whether you visit her blog, read her cook book, attend her seminars and/or watch her workout videos; your lifestyle will dramatically improve.
Most of your readers barely have the time to flip through your magazine, let alone participate in workout videos that are dreadfully long. Who has time for the 30+ minute "P90x" workouts, or the hour long "Insanity" videos? Your audience would be pleased to read about the upcoming workout video that Fitz will be releasing in just 6 weeks.
Take Action
The Fitzness International team and myself strongly believe that adding an article about Fitz's killer ab workout DVD to next months issue would be extremly profitable for both parties. Not only will the DVDs fly off the shelves but so will your magazines. The name recognition alone will prompt more people to buying your October issue.
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