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The Red-Headed League

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

anisha patel

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of The Red-Headed League

Exposition Resoution Mr. Wilson, a client, comes to Sherlock Holmes and Watson for help in a case.
Mr. Wilson has an apprentice who found an advertisement for a job in the Red-Headed League.
Requirements: a man, a citizen of London,and have bright red hair.
He gets selected out of hundreds of applicants.
The job is copying the Encyclopedia Britannica from 10-2 for four euros a week.
Eight weeks later, the whole business shuts down. Mr. Wilson wants to know what happened to the Red-Headed League. Why did they set up such an elaborate scheme only to disappear? Conflict Sherlock Holmes and Watson start looking for clues:
1. Beats on pavement
2. Asks the apprentice for directions (looks at knees of trousers)
Sherlock Holmes believes he has solved the crime but everyone else is in the dark.
Holmes tells Watson to meet him at Baker Street.
There, Mr. Jones( from Scotland Yard),Mr.Merryweather,(a bank director), Holmes, and Watson drive to the cellar of the London bank.
They strike a conversation about John Clay(a notorious thief) and his threat to steal 30,000 Napoleons. Rising Action/Complications They wait in the dark about a hour and fifteen minutes.
They hear voices and suddenly spring out and capture John Clay( the apprentice) and his accomplice( the man who gave Mr.Wilson the job).
Both of them are now sent to jail. Climax/Crisis Sherlock Holmes tells Watson that John Clay was the apprentice all along.
The case is now solved; now, Holmes tells Watson how he cracked the case.
1. He figured out that the only sensible reason to make a job like that was to keep Mr.Wilson away from home.
2. Remembered the apprentice spent many hours in the cellar and so he must be digging a tunnel.
3. He looked at the apprentice's knees and saw dirt which confirmed the theory
4. He knocked on the pavement to see which way the cellar headed (back), and saw a bank behind the house.
5. Business shut down=tunnel done
6. Saturday best day because it gives 2 days of escape. The Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr The End!
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