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Ten Services Provided by the Government

Civics- Course Culminating Activity (Part 1): Ten Services

Jennifer L

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Ten Services Provided by the Government

Ten Services Provided by the Government
Travel Services
Customs at the Border
Citizenship and Immigration
Employment Services
Postal Services
The Canadian government provides many useful services and information resources to help Canadians with their needs. These ten examples are only a few services that are available to us. Although it may not always be easy to find the right government department for your specific need, these services are designed for use, so make good use of them today!
Income Taxes
Government Health Care Services
Consumer Information and Protection
The Canadian travel services have a variety of regulations to help ensure that travelers are safe and showcase the best that Canada has to offer. Some examples of travel services are: issuing international driving permits for Canadians, processing applications for Canadian passports, and issuing visitor visas for Canada.
The Canada Border Services Agency provides service at land border crossings, international airports, major marine operations, and mail centres to ensure that the goods crossing the Canadian border are safe. Here are some of the rules they administer: arming Canadian border guards, reporting money into Canada customs, and shipping across the Canadian border.
Canada's health care services are completely free, as costs are totally covered by general taxes. These health insurance programs, which span across all thirteen provinces and territories, are distributed by means of health insurance plans.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada moderates the movement of people across the border, such as those planning on working temporarily in Canada, visitors, people planning on moving to Canada and becoming citizens, and international students.
The Canadian Revenue Agency provides services to make filing income taxes every spring a much easier experience. These include: Tax free savings accounts, RRSP's, NETFILE, and Children's Fitness Tax Credit.
Services are provided by both Canada's provincial and federal governments to protect consumers. Different departments have a variety of tasks, including online shopping safety, air travel complaints in Canada, privacy law in Canada, and tips to save gas.
Canadian governments help people find and maintain jobs, programs to help you when you lose your job, and pensions for when you retire. Employment standards are set for working conditions like pay, working hours, and holidays.
Canada Post is a Crown corporation of the Canadian federal government, and provides most of the postal services in our country. Canada Post has more than 20 000 delivery routes in Canada, and carries approximately 30 million kilograms of mail to various destinations every year.
Toronto Police Service
The Toronto Police Service is the largest municipal police service in Canada and the third largest police force after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ontario Provincial Police. Its city budgetary expense is almost $1 billion, and ranks second only to the TTC.
Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
The Toronto Transit Commission is a part of Toronto's municipal government. It requires permission from Toronto City Council to build subways and new subway lines.
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