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TOK Introduction

TOK introduction to L6

Esmond Tweedie

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of TOK Introduction

Why do you study it?
The underpinning feature of the entire IB course
Theory of Knowledge
What is TOK?
TOK will enable you to reflect on different ideas, theories and assumptions in a more critical fashion
develop a fascination with the richness of knowledge as a human endeavour
develop an awareness of how knowledge is constructed, critically examined, evaluated and renewed, by communities and individuals
encourage students to reflect on their experiences as learners, in everyday life and in the Diploma Program
make connections between academic disciplines and between thoughts, feelings and actions
TOK is a keystone of the IB diploma
It is a core subject of the IB
It is an interdisciplinary subject and links, connects all of your other subjects and CAS options
It challenges students to reflect critically on diverse ways of knowing and areas of knowledge and to consider the role knowledge plays in a global society.

The Presentation
AKA the Internal Assessment
An oral presentation in which you lay out a real ife situation and identify and explore a knowledge issue that arises from it. You will present in front of other pupils and you will be scored out of 10.
The Essay
AKA the External Assessment
It will change the way you learn, the way you inquire, reflect, the way you think, consider, and finally communicate.
Now you should :
Know what TOK is
Understand how it fits into the IB
Recognise the benefits of TOK
Understand how the course is set out
TOK + Extended Essay Grades (A-E)
Any Questions?
How the course is set out
Brief outline of the Ways of Knowing:

Then move onto Areas of knowledge - Arts

Which links in to the CLE.

If you are not on a service project the L6 CLE is specially geared to TOK.
Start of L6 Autumn term
Second Half of L6 Autumn term:
More work on AOKs

L6 Winter term
More work on AOKs
L6 Summer term
Finish AOKs, work on a practice Presentation Planning Document
given in the examination session.
U6 Autumn Term
Work on PRESENTATION before half term and present it in the two weeks before Half Term.
Start ESSAY after half term and submit a 1st Copy before the end of term. This is marked by your teacher and you are given extensive written advice.

You submit a second copy to ManagemBac and then upload it to the IB yourself.
Characteristics of students who would do well in this course.

willing to engage in a thoughtful and a purposeful inquiry into different ways of knowing and kinds of knowledge.

willing to become aware of themselves as thinkers, to become aware of the complexity of knowledge, and recognize the need to act responsibly in an increasingly interconnected world.

willing to question their own perceptions and opinions as well as remain open to the opinion of others.

An essay chosen from 6 prescribed titles, marked externally and out 20
It might change your academic life...or at least the way you view your subjects at IB...

BUT you must be open to new ways of examining what you know and reflecting on you knowledge.
At the centre of the TOK diagram

You - the knower

Personal and Shared knowledge

Around the knower are:

Ways of Knowing

The outside circle shows the:

Areas of Knowledge

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