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matthew collier

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

JUNE 1942 Eleven days before Anne's first entry the Battle of Midway begins JULY OF 1942 Two days before Anne introduces Harry to her family the first Battle of El Alamein begins AUGUST OF 1942 The same day that the cupboard goes on the annex door the Battle of Stalingrad begins NOVEMBER OF 1942 The day after the infamous book argument the Allies invade North Africa DECEMBER OF 1942 While Anne watches the starving Dutch people out the window Nazi Germany declares war on the US FEBRUARY OF 1943 Just three days after Anne complains that everyone dislikes her the Germans surrender at Stalingrad APRIL OF 1943 Anne describes a burnt down building and a ruined hotel both events were part of the Warsaw ghetto uprising MAY OF 1943 Anne describes a horrible bombing raid this turns out to be the Dam Busting Raid JULY OF 1943 Anne clutches her escape bag in fear of the bombing the day after Mussolini resigns SEPTEMBER OF 1943 Anne talks about Mr.Koopious's abdominal troubles a week after Italy surrendered JANUARY OF 1944 While Anne works on her family trees the Siege of Leningrad finally ends after 900 days MARCH OF 1944 While Anne complains the she and Margot are treated like children the British drop 3000 tons of bombs on Hamburg, Germany. MAY OF 1944 The day before the Van Daans argue over their predictions the Germans withdrew to the Adolf Hitler line JULY OF 1944 While Anne complains about all of Peter faults troops land in France for D-day While Anne writes her final entry the Polish in Warsaw unleash the largest uprising against the Nazis August of 1944 Work Cited http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/timeline/ww2time.htm#1944 http://history1900s.about.com/od/worldwarii/a/World-War-2-Timeline.htm http://www.chiddingstone.kent.sch.uk/homework/war/timeline.htm BY MATTHEW COLLIER
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