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WRT 307: The Hiring Process

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joanna rozansky

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of WRT 307: The Hiring Process

Exploring Creative Industries creative fields VS. business fields can they be compared? Creative industries have received little attention from economists due to the fluctuating and inconsistent nature of the art world its very difficult to set a concrete standard in the creative world
because it is so innovative Innovation is Key Because the creative world is constantly changing, evolving, and progressing, the hiring process for creative industries changes with it creative industries are also very competitive, in order to get noticed you
need to make yourself stand out you are either up against other freelance professionals or equally talented candidates for the few positions that may be open How to make yourself stand out stay ahead of the game •Know your the consumer
•Be aware of the trends, but also keep tradition in mind
•Become an active member of the creative community
•Know your competitors
•Get as much experience as you can in the industry
Internships in the creative world are VERY important
having prior experience puts you a step ahead of the competition
Market Yourself creative industry is so competitive that you need to seperate yourself having a strong online presence in 2010 is crucial networking is easier then ever, and perhaps the most important aspect in creative industries Importance of Online Presence & Networking todays world is completely consumed by technology ensuring an online presence gives you automatic access
to a massive audience Any person in the creative field can use the internet to easily expand their network, audience and potential clients. Taking the First Steps establish a goal and then create a website that appropriately meets that objective. selling yourself as a professional is vital to getting into the business because art and creativity can easily perceived as just a hobby or unprofessional. a professional website affirms your credibility in the creative world. the content of your site needs to be directed to a certain audience.
for example, if you are a photographer, are you targeting the wedding industry or do you specialize in architecture?
success in argumentation requires thorough knowledge of your consumer and your own style. Your presence online is direct representation of your style you your capabilities this important aspect of "you" is what seperates you from
your competitors and brands you as a professional

your personal brand is what companies in the creative
industry look for most Strengthening Your Online Presence Participating in social media, online communities and blogs will continuously spread your name, brand, and style. This online presence allows your consumers and potential employers to see that you're not only interested in the field, but active within it. maintaining your personal brand portfolios For most jobs in the creative industry portfolios are necessary and perhaps the simplest way to demonstrate your personal brand The goal of a portfolio is not necessarily to display all of your best work, but to
accurately appeal to your intended audience Having different portfolios gives the option to appeal to different companies, and
fit the position they are looking for Both physical and electronic potfolios can display your artwork, photographs, writing
samples, video/movie samples, or web design templates Fitting with the Company in the creative world fitting in with the company you work for is crucial you need to feel comfortable with the styles, philosophy, and policies of the company each company has their own technique and finding a place where you
can contribute effectively is beneficial for both you and the company The Other Side of Things:
A Company’s Recruitment Process Open jobs are limited so companies don’t use a lot of time and resources to recruit themselves.

Reliance on a tight-knit art community is common and most recruiters take full advantage of networking and references.

Heavy participation in art shows, galleries, and non-traditional media is highly regarded.
Conclusion in our exploration of the "hiring process" we found many valuable
bits of information to keep in mind namely, we realized that there is such a vast difference between the business professional world and the creative world that we can't compare to two, but rather, analyze them individually we also were able to see the major breakdown of both the recruitment and selectrion process overall we assessed that both industries are so different as are the processes by which recruiters make selection decisions the overlapping similarity is that in order to be successful and get hired, you need to know and identify your strengths and appeal to the appropriate audience QUESTIONS? in Hiring Olympics We have created four events in which each team will participate in.
The winning team gets 'hired' and a consolation prize Each event will be geared towards a different hypothetical company
(2 business based companies and 2 creative oriented companies), and
there are specific point breakdowns for each challenge Your teams are the same teams as the presentation teams, take the time
now to get in your groups and come up with a team name.
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