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Blood Cancers

No description

Cheryl Rose

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Blood Cancers

A Closer look at a Scary Reality Blood Cancers Lymphoma Leukemia Multiple Mylenoma The four types of leukemia each begin in a cell in the bone marrow. The cell undergoes a leukemic change and it multiplies into many cells. The leukemia cells grow and survive better than normal cells and, over time, they crowd out normal cells.
Lymphoma starts with a change to a lymphocyte. The change to the lymphocyte causes it to become a lymphoma cell. The lymphoma cells pile up and form masses that gather in the lymph nodes or other parts of the lymphatic system. Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells, a type of white cell found in many tissues of the body, but primarily in the bone marrow. Plasma cells are part of the body's immune system TREATMENTS Chemotherapy Radiation Programs Statistics Bio/Psyco/Social Every 4 minutes somone is diagnosed with a form of blood cancer References Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma Facts 2009-2010, June 2009.
Leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma will cause the deaths of an estimated 53,240 people in the United States this year Stem cell transplantation was introduced approximately 50 years ago and is an important therapy for many children and adults who are being treated for blood cancer Personal Experience Professional Experience An estimated 912,938 people in the United States are currently living with, or are in remission from, leukemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, NHL or myeloma Incidence rates for all types of leukemia are higher
among males than among females Incidence rates for Hodgkin lymphoma and NHL tend to be higher among males than among females.
Lymphoma is the third most common cancer in children Many studies of links between Hodgkin lymphoma and environmental exposures have been conducted with unclear results Side Effects of CHEMO: Appetite Loss
Blood Counts off
Hair Loss
Mouth Sores
Nerve Damage

Side Effects of RADIATION: Similiar to CHEMO with the addition of skin irritation I was Diagnosed with stage 3A Hodgkins Lymphoma
It took the docters 3 months to figure out that the lump on my neck was cancer This means the cancer was in my neck, chest and abdomen. I went through 7 months of chemotherpy treatments &
Hormone treatments so that hopfully one day I can have children I lost my hair, and it was summer time, so wearing a wig
was very uncomfortable, most days I wore a scarf or nothing. I became very weak from the chemo,
I would not eat some days because my mouth was so sore. At 4 months my lungs almost shut
down from one of the chemo drugs Now 18 months later I am in remission and go every three months for check ups Bio -
Aside from side effects from the actual cancer, most side effects come from the treatment and medication related to the cancer. Psycho -
Many cancer patients/survivors develop depression and anxiety. It is also common to have PTS disorder years later after the cancer has left. Social -
There are many programs aimed at cancer survivors to improve there quality of life during treatment and after. Gilda's Club Gilda Radner - Saturday Night Live 20 open clubs Activities for Children,
Teens, & Adults Networking to programs
Online Resources
Donations to finding New Treatments Imerman Angels Mentor Program for both cancer
patients/survivors and Caregivers Myths Giovonnie Polluted air is just as dangerous as smoking
Cancer is painful
There is a cure, but the medical field is keeping it secret
Cell phones cause brain cancer
If your mom and dad had cancer, so will you

What NOT to say: I know how you feel I know someone who has cancer ...... or....... I know someone who died from that! You'll be fine If anyone can beat it, it's you. Dont worry, your hair will grow back Isnt that one of the better cancers? 7 years old
Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
Diagnosed in 2009

Undergone Chemo treatments monthly since the diagnosis until 3 months ago

Gets monthly spinal taps and blood counts drawn
Nurse Dianna She was my nurse when I was a patient at Illinois Masonic
She is a traveling nurse and currently works on the oncology unit in the Boston area

Once she began working in the oncology field she has never switched.
Though she says it is hard, and many times she sees patient not make it, the ones who do and keep fighting are the ones who make it worth it.
Working in oncology is not always depressing as most people imagine it, many of the patients are working professionals and lead very normal lives. Edgwater Area 490 - Male 457 - Female
947 TOTAL Leukemia/Lymphoma: Male - 46 Female - 31 Source: Illinois Department of Public Health, Illinois State Cancer Registry,
Public Dataset as of November 2008.
Illinois Department of Public Health
http://app.idph.state.il.us/EpiStudies/public/default.asp?Report=ZipCode American Cancer Society
cancer.org I'm too Young for This
i2y.com The End
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