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Harry Potter Subculture

No description

Kate Foray

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Harry Potter Subculture

Katherine Foray Basic Demographics Core Values Cultural Symbols Rules or Norms for Behavior This culture spreads its beliefs among new and existing members by promoting the reading of the Harry Potter series and allowing a weekly viewing of all the Harry Potter movies, with all members allowed in with free popcorn. The members usually bring a friend to the movies to encourage them to join the subculture. Members are also encouraged to reread the books as much as possible because they give surprise questions on the book to each other. However, they do not judge those who are born into the Harry Potter subculture and simply title them as squibs, muggles, or He Who Shall Not Be Named, dependind on their mood. Many stay to avoid these titles. Members of this subculture are of all ages, races, and genders. However, this subculture is mainly found on the Eastern Coast of the United States and is mainly found in the state of North Carolina. The members have all read the Harry Potter series and are highly educated in all matters of the books. Anyone who loves the Harry Potter series and passes the IQ test with at least a 100 can join. This group believes in the power of magic, imagination, and the written word. They challenge the mainstream by reading the books and discussing them on an intelligent level, which is considered "geeky" or "nerdy" by the mainstream. The mainstream also considers such a pastime to be unusual and unhealthy to base one's life around a fantasy book. They believe that the messages in the Harry Potter series can improve one's life, influence others to do good, promote the power of love and friendship, and provide a healthy escape from reality. They also believe chocolate can cure depression and any form of unhappiness. The Harry Potter Subculture's main symbol is the deathly hallows mark, which is based on the books' legend. Another symbol, considered evil by this group, is the mark of a death eater. Unhappiness and depression is symbolized by a dementor. Gryffindors represent bravery, eagles represent knowledge, snakes represent ambition, and badgers represent kindness. Owls represent communication and loyalty. Quidditch is the usual sport for this subculture. The only rules are to read the books multiple times, intelligently discuss them, and live by the messages the book gives. It is not uncommon for members to act out scenes, mix potions, shout out spells, and live in dormitories or in a cupboard. Members normally wear robes and carry wands. They usually choose to wear a scarf according to their house of choice. While seen as strange by the mainstream, this is quite normal in the Harry Potter subculture. Learning Harry Potter Subculture
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