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A Schoolmaster in Colonial Times

It is very informational!

Erin k

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of A Schoolmaster in Colonial Times

A Teacher in Colonial Times By. Megan K
Period 8 Social Studies A teacher in Colonial Times was called a schoolmaster. There were many responsibilities that they needed to have in order to do the job right. As you continue, you will find out many new facts that you have never heard of. Responsibilities of being a teacher in Colonial Times There are many responsibilities of being a teacher. They need to teach the three R's. The three R's are reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic. They have to teach religion too. They also need to take care of the students for the school day.The teacher needs to keep the schoolhouse tidy. They need to know how to discipline students too. Responsibilities of being a student in Colonial Times A student in Colonial Times had many responsibilities. They had to be well behaved and do the chores asked by the teacher. The students also had to answer the question correct when they were called on. If they failed to do so, they would have to sit in the corner and wear the 'dunce' hat. Skills you need to have for being a Teacher in Colonial Times You need to know how to do reading, writing, arithmetic, and know the basics of the Holy Bible. You also need a good education and know how to discipline children. People who can do this job A man or a woman could do this job. They both have to know how to read, write, and handle bad students and good students. If you were a woman and was a teacher, in order for you to keep this job was to be single. If you got married, you could not keep you position. Chores of the Teachers and the Students The students had to clean the benches and the tables. In the winter, they had to bring in firewood for the fireplace. The wood they bring in can be used as their pay. Also, a student had to get drinking water in the morning when they got to school. They usually got carried away with that job! Finally, the teacher had to check the chimney for soot. Part of the Community that teachers help Teachers usually teach the part of the community that has children that live on farms or on smaller properties. Occasionally, teachers teach children who are rich. Region or colony that teachers live in Suburbs, Country, Farmland, town, and usually a few per colony. Additional Interesting Facts about a teacher in Colonial Times Many colonial children had lessons at their teacher's house.
Schoolhouses were rare to find. Not many people could afford schooling.
It was a one room schoolhouse.
Children used a slate board out of hard rock to write on and a piece of chalk to write with. This Prezi was made by...
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