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My Life... EDP130task4

No description

Jenny Edgren

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of My Life... EDP130task4

The Beginning Practice and Patience A tradition of love Dreams to reality New generation Romance It was in choir that I met my husband to be. Because of dreams... Growing up I spent many hours
on the piano, going to choir rehersals,
and getting involved with any event
that involved music. There were plenty
of times when I felt like I was going
nowhere, even with all the effort.
That's why patience is so important! My life and dreams Three years after our marriage we had three beautiful children. We strive to provide the supportive and loving environment that we had. Every week I enjoy teaching children about music. Now I can pass my love of music on and see it blossom in many little hearts. And now my own children are enjoying music; performing, singing, playing and learning all about practice and patience. Because of love... Two hearts collided many years ago in Germany, and as a result, 9 years later, I was born. A love for music led me to take piano lessons, and later to join the school choir.
This resulted in many opportunities to be involved in different events, and later on to go on tour with the performing choir. We were able to travel around Australia and New Zealand. I wonder where our dreams
will lead us now... Music from:

Kastle, R. (1999). Titanic Symphony. On Love Themes [MP3file]. Venice Beach: Virgin Classics Ltd
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