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The Physics of the Shot Put

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christina colebank

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of The Physics of the Shot Put

When you throw the shot put it accelerates until it hits the ground, to find the acceleration you can use a=v/t. The average acceleration for a shot put is 21 m/s^2.
Newtons First Law
The first law states "A object at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by an unbalanced force, a object in motion will stay in motion until acted upon by an opposing force." We use Newtons first law when we throw the shot put, it would stay in motion until hitting the ground.
Newtons Second Law
The second law states that the acceleration of an object depends on that objects net force. To find it we use the equation F=ma
The usual Olympic sized shot put is 16 pounds. The average thrower can throw with 21 m/s^2 acceleration. When we use the formula we get 336 N.
Gravity is a key factor in any thrown object on Earth. Acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. Everytime a shot put is thrown Gravity acts down on it and pulls it to the ground.
Newtons Third Law
The third law says that every action, has a equal and opposite reaction. So when you throw a shot put, the thrower pushes with a force that is equal to the shot put. The thrower stays still because the shot put has much less mass.
Different Masses of Shot Puts
Olympic Men: 16 pounds
High School Guys: 12 pounds
Olympic and High School Girls/Middle School Guys: 8.8 pounds
Middle School Girls: 6 pounds
The Physics of the Shot Put
by Christina Colebank

Projectile Motion

In this sport they use multiple different masses of shot put. The increase in mass means there is an increase in force.
There are many different ways a thrower can get its velocity. You can take the average time and distance to find the velocity using the v=d/t equation
It is the action in which a projectile (object) is thrown towards earth and has gravity alone acting on it.

Causing the downward acceleration.
equation: Vertical: y=vt+1/2gt^2
Horizontal: x=vt



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