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Girls Empowerment

No description

Tanisha Mills

on 24 December 2014

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Transcript of Girls Empowerment

Hope 4 Her
Who We are
Girls Empowerment is a Canadian International non for profit organization operating in the Greater Toronto Area and Internationally. The vision of GE is seeing girls rise to their full potential. GE thrives to give every girl access to health care, information and resources. We believe in nurturing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of girls. Our holistic approach to health emphasizes prevention education and action.
Vision & Mission
Our vision is to see motivated, educated, proactive women in charge of their health.
Girls we are serving
How this will make positive contributions?
Healthy Bodies
Drugs & Alcohol

Greater Toronto Area
Working with young women in low income areas. Working through schools and community centers .
Become a bridge to access health care organizations within the city
Dominican Republic
Working in underserved communities within the Dominican Republic. Specifically rural areas.
Our mission is to empower and serve girls living in poverty to take charge of their health. We will provide access to health care, health services and resources to become healthy, motivated and strong leaders.
Self Awareness
Support groups
Goal setting workshops
Self Esteem/Body image
Spiritual care
Violence prevention
Mother and Baby Program
Pre-natal classes
Parenting classes
Post-Partum support groups
Clothes exchange
Monthly baby check ups
Health and Wellness Services
Health Education
Information and Resources
Support Groups

By having a health care center we are providing girls with a safe, environment where they are free to be themselves. They are able to access health care services, information and resources,
Health Choices
Having positive mentors and role models that believe in their abilities will motivate and encourage them to reach their full potential
The need for a health center for at risk girls is vital in under served communities. Girls face great challenges in today's society. We believe that providing girls with education, resources and support will equal healthy choices
Knowledge is power, Providing girls with accurate information and resources will guide and support them to make healthy decisions about their health and well being.
With all the services and resources that GE will be able to provide we are expecting healthy choices from the girls we are serving. that will reflect our vision of motivated, educated, proactive women in charge of their health.
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