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Of Mice And Men

A presentation of a book called Of Mice And Men telling about 20 events that influenced the ending...

Jason Allen

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Of Mice And Men

Welcome to my Of Mice and Men 20 events Slide Show Summary of the book... Summary

Two guys one named George and one named Lennie are feeling the impact of the depression. They travel the U.S looking for work on ranches. The problem with this duo is that Lennie has a mental disibility so he has the intelligence of a ten year old, making him react to things such as a puppy like a ten year old, where it's first thought would be to touch or pet it. There's no problem with that other than Lennie is so strong that he uaually ends up killing what he pets. They used to be working at a place called Weed, but Lennie and George got run out of that town because Lennie touched a girls dress and the girl though she was getting raped. When they get to the new ranch a number of horrible events take place. Curly's (the bosses son,) wife likes to seduce all the other men at the ranch and eventually Lennie is asked to touch her hair, but accidentlly snaps her neck and kills her. Which ultimately leads to George killing Lennie. Jason Event #1

n George told Lennie not to say a word when they get to the new ranch because he didn't want the problem that happened in Weed to repeat itself.. Event # 2 George said to Lennie that he would get him a pup that way he won't kill it.. George: Don't say a word Event #3 George tells Lennie that they are going to buy a place where Lennie gets to tend the rabbits. Event #4 George tells Lennie to Hide in the bush by the pond if they get into any trouble. Event #5 The boss of the new ranch is trying to speak directly to Lennie, but George talkes for him and the boss gets mad . Event # 6 Curley (the bosses kid) tries to get Lennie to talk to him. Event # 7 Lennie says that Curly's wife is pretty and George tells him never to go near her again. Event #8 George tells slim what happened in Weed with the red dress and tells him that, that is why they were run out of town. Event #9 Cand Says that he should haave shot the dog himsellf instead of Carlson doing it Event #10 Lennie crushes Curly's hand when Curly tries to fight with him. Event #11 Crooks (the black guy) gets in on the action with Cand, George and Lennie with the plans for the new house Event #12 Curly's wife goes into Crooks room and causes troubles. Event #13 Lennie kills the pup he was going to recieve and is worried that he would get into trouble. Event #14 Curly's Wife tries to talk to Lennie and Lennie shows her the dead puppy Event #15 Curly's wife tells Lennie that she doesn't like Curly because he is not a nice guy. Event #16 Lennie kills Curl'y wife by accident and covers her with hay, but only half way. Event #17 Candy and George find the body in the hay. They decide not to get the place. Event #18 Candy is left with the body while the others go to find Lennie. Event #19 George tells the story of the rabbits and the house one last time. EVENT #20 Lennie gets shot by George while the rest of the guys are turning the corner. I hope you enjoyed...
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