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The Judiciary Assignment

This Prezi wil outline the requirements for your project on the judicial branch.

Lisa Matherson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Judiciary Assignment

What is judicial review and how does it impact the court? The development of the federal courts:
- Founder's view
- National supremacy and slavery (1789-1861)
- Government and the economy (1865-1936
- Government and political liberty (1936-present)
The structure of the federal courts
- What are the roles of the
Constitutional and Legislative
Courts? How does the "litmus test" factor into how judges are selected? Trace how a case goes from a local/state court to the Supreme Court. Vocabulary Words to know:
- amicus curiae
- brief
- in forma pauperis
- stare decisis
- writ of certiorari Four kinds of court opinions:
- Per curiam
- Majority
- Concurring
- Dissenting What is judicial activism? judicial restraint? How does the checks and balance system work with the Court system?
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