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Lauren Seehafer Ralph Lauren Marshfield Middle School Career Quest Hour 3

Business Project

Lauren Seehafer

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Lauren Seehafer Ralph Lauren Marshfield Middle School Career Quest Hour 3

Ralph Lauren Lauren Seehafer
Hour 3
Career Quest
Prezi Project Company: Ralph Lauren
Phone Number: 212-318-7000
Address: 650 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022
Website: www.ralphlauren.com
Ticker Symbol: RL
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Ralph Lauren Corporation is a luxury clothing and goods company of the America fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren specializes in high-end casual/semi-formal wear for men and women, as well as accessories, fragrance, home (bedding, towels) and house wares. It has its headquarters in Mid-Town, New York City. There are 24,000 people who work for Ralph Lauren.
Total Revenue in 2011 was $5,660,300,000
Total Revenue in 2001 was $4,978,900,000
The Net Income in 2011 was $567,600,000
The Net Income in 2010 was $475,900,000 Ralph Lauren's Volume Chart One Year Ago Three Recommend a Strong Buy
Six Recommend a Buy
Seven Recommend a Hold
One Recommend a Underperform
None Recommend a Sell
I would recommend a buy because their stocks are doing well and are pretty consistent. Ralph Lauren's Volume Chart Since They Went Public RL Price a year ago was $110.01
There were no dividends paid in 2011 Thank you for watching my prezi! :) Nedialkova, Daniela
Atlantic Equities

Chen, Christine
Needham & Company

Shapira, Adrianne
Goldman Sachs

Kernan, John
Cowen And Company

Smith, Erin
Argus Research Company

Ohmes, Robert
BofA Merrill Lynch What the Experts Say
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