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NGO Research Project: Partners in Health

No description

Evelyn Thai

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of NGO Research Project: Partners in Health

By Celina Tran and Evelyn Thai L.A 9 Partners in Health When, where and how did they start the NGO? Conclusion Partners In Health was founded in 1987, in Boston. It started out as an organization that "delivers health care to the residents of Haiti's mountainous Central Plateau region", but began to expand their work to other parts of the world and in Haiti's Artibonite and Central Plateau regions in the past 25 years. There are a few ways that are possible for us to help out this organization. One is by donating online and fund raising. There's many other ways such as creating a campaign on their site or joining one,make gifts of stock, and/or donating medical supply, drugs, or other goods, but they must be unopened, valid, unused, and in good conditions. Where do all the donations go to? Majority of people that donate to Partners In Health want their money to be donated to any place in greatest need. Therefore it makes it easier for Partners In Health to use resources as best as possible to fund areas that are not always addressed by targeted donations because of the flexibility the donors provide. Who is the founder(s) of the NGO? How can we get involved? Introduction What parts of the world has the NGO taken action in? Conclusion Partners in Health has taken action in many parts of the world and they are....... Haiti Partners In Health is a non-profit
organization that started in 1987 and
is working to better people's health
(who are in need of it most) worldwide.
They do this "through service, training, advocacy, ... research, and by establishing long-term relationships with sister organizations". Rwanda Lesotho Malawi Russia Peru Mexico United States Partners In Health, has in fact more than one founder. The founders include: Ophelia Dahl, Paul Farmer, Jim Yong Kim, Todd McCormack, and Tom White. Ophelia Dahl Paul Farmer Jim Yong Kim Todd McCormack Tom White Navajo Nation Dominican Republic I introduce to you... Kazakhstan What is the NGO trying to accomplish or prevent? That is the end of our
presentation! We were able to obtain a lot knowledge on this NGO and had a lot of fun while doing so. Once again, Partners In Health is a
non-government organization in which their
goal is to provide healthcare to
those around the world that are in
great need of it, and wish " to
transform global health, one patient
at a time." "We're on a mission to transform global health, one patient at a time. " "When our patients are ill and have no access to care, our team of health professionals, scholars, and activists will do whatever it takes to make them well—just as we would do if a member of our own families or we ourselves were ill." Partners in Health are trying to obtain "two overarching goals" and they are " to bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them and to serve as an antidote to despair." By trying to obtain these goal the NGO are able to help people fight against health problems such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer& Chronic Disease, Cholera etc. Guatemala Ophelia Dahl Paul Farmer Jim Yong Kim Todd McCormack Tom White The Founders Research Questions 1. What is the NGO trying to
accomplish or prevent?
2. Where do all the donations
go to?
3. When, where and how did
they start the organization?
4. Who is the founder(s) of the
5. How can we get involved?
6. What places has the
organization taken action in? Supports the idea of health and rights of poor people for almost 30 years.
Volunteered at the Eye Care Haiti in "Haiti’s impoverished Central Plateau" in 1983.
Met Paul Farmer there and both of them have been working since then to provide high-quality health-care to the sick.
Has also served as the executive director of Partners In Health since 2001 and chair of the board since 2000. "Once, a homeless woman in Harvard Square told him her life would be better if she had a red wagon to cart redeemable bottles. She burst into tears the next day when he showed up pulling a red wagon." President of the World Bank Group.
Dedicated self to international development for more than two decades
2003-2005 director of World Health Organizations HIV/AIDS department-first global goal for AID treatment

The co-founder of Partners in Health
A medical anthropologist
Chief of the Division of Global Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston
"Serves as U.N. Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Community-based Medicine and Lessons from Haiti"
Been there since the beginning of the organization
made it possible for NGO to do what they are doing today by "financing the construction of a small clinic in Cange, purchasing a microscope, or paying $30,000 per patient for PIH’s first multidrug-resistant tuberculosis program"
Helped found Partners in Health with his first $1 million donation
Sold his "company, his assets, and his house to continue supporting ... [the organization's] projects aimed at alleviating human suffering and poverty. " Founding board member of Partners In Health.
Senior corporate vice president at IMG Media.
Supports company's digital media business.
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