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Use of Colors in (500) Days of Summer

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Rachel Frock

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Use of Colors in (500) Days of Summer

The Use of Color Within the Film By Rachel Frock
UGS302: Living Color
Dr. Nancy Kwallek Day Slates The film jumps around, not moving in chronological order. So in order to help the audience the different shades used for the day slates reveal the mood of the upcoming day or scene. Story Summary Tom Hansen is a dynamic character who experiences a lot of change through his relationship with Summer. She is an admirable, quirky girl who starts working at the greeting card company Tom works at. They begin to have a relationship that Tom becomes very emotionally involved in, even after Summer states she doesn't want anything serious. Through challenges and misunderstandings, Tom discovers later that he was only remembering the positives and that there were more troubles in the relationship than he had allowed himself to see. The Color Blue http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/500-days-of-summer/featurette-use-of-color http://vimeo.com/29330722 In an interview about the movie, Zooey Deschanel describes how the color blue was used with her character Summer:
Zooey Deschanel: They wanted me to stand out in the movie. To have a colour that was only used once. It was used in the dance sequence, because everyone reminds him of Summer. But no- one else was allowed to wear blue. If I wasn't wearing a lot of blue, there would be a big blue thing, like I'd be right next to tons of blue wallpaper or a big blue poster. There would be something giant and blue somewhere in the shot! It was a cool cinematic thing. It was Marc's idea. http://www.londonnet.co.uk/cinema/interviews/500-days-of-summer-interview-zooey-deschanel-joseph-gordon-levitt Change of Colors After the 500 days of Summer have passed, Tom meets a new character who influences the colors present. Once he meets Autumn, the colors become warmer and display a sense of Fall. Experiment I had 14 people watch the movie and take a survey about the color use and characters within the film. Many of the responses lined up perfectly with the intent of the director. The blue for Summer displayed how mesmerizing and admirable she was to the people she came in contact with. The film helped to make its own definition for the blue, contrasting that of society which says blue is a loyal and trustworthy color. Questions: How would you describe Summer's character?
What colors did you notice most throughout the movie?
What color would you associate with Summer?
How did you feel overall about Summer's character?
What positive things did Tom feel while with Summer? Question 1- 64 % said Summer's character was mesmerizing.

Although 54% also claimed she was backstabbing due to her decision making in the movie.. Question 2- 50% noticed the use of neutral colors throughout the movie.

43% caught the use of blues and rare use of red in the film. Question 3- 64% of viewers recognized that Summer's color was blue Question 4- The results were all over the board for this question. I felt the results were based on how people interpreted her character. Everybody had different opinions. Question 5- About 78% said Tom felt happy and energized with Summer.

Around 50% claimed that he also felt mesmerized and free while with Summer. Conclusion Overall, the director was pretty successful in portraying blue as a mesmerizing, free and beautiful color which helped embellish Summer's character as a whole. Questions? Uses of Light: blue light for Summer
warmer colors for nighttime to create urban feel
natural light used, creating actual summer feeling
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