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Independent Novel Study


Abigail Bankole

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Independent Novel Study

Independent Novel Study
Abigail Bankole The Final Book of THE HUNGER GAMES Character Web Traits skilled archer
knows how to set traps
has knowledge of plants
can hunt
logical (except when she lets her feelings get in the way)
independent survivalist
good at thinking outside the box Setting The whole book takes place in Panem. The time is futuristic. Most of it takes place in District 13, which is an underground District. Katniss goes to a couple different districts for propos (propaganda shoots).

The first one she goes to is District 8 where she meets some people in a make shift hospital and ends up battling some of the Capitol aircrafts.

She goes to district 2 for a while and in the middle of the book she goes to the Capitol to fight in the revolution. Katniss Everdeen Prep Team Haymitch Abernathy Peeta Mellark Effie Trinket Portia Cinna Octavia Flavius Everdeen Family Mrs. Everdeen Mr. Everdeen Buttercup Capitol President Snow Ceaser Flickerman Claudius Templesmith Rebels President Coin Gale Hawthrone Plutarch Heavensbee Johanna Mason Finnick Odair Annie Cresta Plutarch Heavensbee Cinna Peeta Mellark Beetee Effie Trinket Haymitch Abernathy Close People Greasy Sue Madge Undersee Gale Hawthrone Peeta Mellark Primrose Everdeen Rue Plot Mockingjay Timeline Katniss recovers and wakes up to find herself in District 13. She then goes and visits District 12 when she found out its been destroyed. President Coin holds a meeting for the rebels. They discussed the rebellion against the Capitol. Katniss finds out that she has to be the Mokingjay for the rebels to do propaganda shoots and attack the Capitol. Katniss refuses to be the mockingjay but later accepts as long as Peeta, Annie and Johanna can be brought back from the Capitol. She then later adds that only she can kill Snow during the war. President Snow is about to be killed by Katniss in execution. Katniss ends up shooting President Coin and Snow ends up dying by laughing and coughing up blood. Commander Paylor becomes President of the Capitol. After this, the Hunger Games are no more Sequel Sequel The Capitol finds out about District 13 after the propos and bomb District 13. Yet, everyone survives after Plautarch detected it a few hours before the attack. The end of the book takes place in District 12, where she is sent to live forever with Haymitch, Greasy Sae, Peeta, and a few hundred survivors who lived in district 12 before. The rebels go out on there mission to start war. Finnick gets eaten up by the monsters created y the Capitol and Prim dies in an explosion. President Snow is captured Katniss, Peeta and the rest of District 12 return back home. In the epilogue, Katniss and Peeta marry 20 years later and have 2 kids. Gale gets a job in District 2 and Mrs. Everdeen gets a job in District 4. District 12 holds too many bad memories for Mrs. Everdeen (Prim and Mr. Everdeens death) She will protect those she loves, no matter the cost to herself.
volunteers for the Games to save Prim
shields Gale to keep him from being whipped, (even when it means a lash for herself)
she decides during her second Games to die to save Peeta
majority of her time before the Games was spent keeping herself and her family alive.
takes her a long time to decide who she can trust in district 13
has many thoughts of whether or not she can trust President Snow and President Coin
keeps thinking of the last President Snow
ends up shooting Coin Smart Determined: Paranoid: Katniss has major trust issues and can't trust anyone (except for Rue, Prim, Gale and Peeta). Prinrose Everdeen Katniss Everdeen survives after almost being blown to bits in the arena. She wakes up in district 13 to find out her hometown, district 12, has been destroyed. Peeta has been held captive and Gale and her family survived the attack. District 13 does exist, it wasn't obliterated. Synopsis District 13 does exist, it wasn't obliterated. Now, there will be new presidents and rebels. A new rebellion will begin, against the Capitol and President Snow. The future of Panem is all on Katniss' will. To do that, she must let go of her suspect and frustration in order to become the Mockingjay against President Snow. Will Katniss become the Mockingjay, knowing the cost? Will she sacrifce her love for Peeta, or will she let Snow take over? 17 yrs old
black hair
grey eyes
olive skin
usually wears a braid
known as Mockingjay, Girl on Fire and Catnip
victor of the 74th Hunger Games
symbol is her Mockingjay pin a tribute from district 12
lives in the victor house
married to Peeta Mellark
has two kids (one girl, one boy)
her special weapon is archery
her name comes the the edible plant Katniss THE~END! HAPPY HUNGER GAMES... AND MAY THE ODDS BE FOREVER IN YOUR FAVOUR! Katniss Everdeen MOCKINGJAY Beginning Climax End Katniss Everdeen has returned back home to District 12 with Peeta Mellark
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