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No description

Kelsi Broderick

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Motto

Food and housing would be provided at no cost
There would be technology such as phones, computers, and tablets. The internet would be monitered by the police force.
Electricity would be provided in all of the buildings. The source of the energy would be plant based
The people treat the President like he is a God. What he does they follow.
With perfection brings happiness
Economics, Work, and Leisure
There are stores that provide you with everything you need. You purchase the items with the tokens you earn every month.
Every person is assigned three job choices and the person decides their job for the choices they're given. Paid in tokens to spend on necessities
Every person gets two hours of leisure time every day.
Tiger because it represents elegance and grace.
Governing Body
"President" that makes and enforces all of the rules that govern the society. Police force that watches over the citizens and makes sure the rules are followed.
There are different sources to communicate with different people. A line for friends and a separate line for family. The police force would moniter the calls.
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