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MGT 598 Case 1 Presentation

No description

Joseph Glackin

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of MGT 598 Case 1 Presentation

Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and Career in Crisis
Overview of the case
Evaluation of problems
Problem origins
Plan of action
Relate to readings
Dynamic Displays
Evaluation of Problems
Green's promotion
Lack of experience
Personality conflicts
Negative attitude
Ineffective communication
Failure to follow traditional managerial methods
McDonald did not consult Davis of Green's promotion
Green inexperienced in new position
Green openly questioned Davis' sales growth expectations
Davis inflexible in demands
Green did not follow Davis' recommendations
Plan of Action
Capitalize on leadership opportunities
Know how to navigate the political culture of your organization
Learn to work with others
Develop an effective relationship with your boss
About the Company
Main Characters
Problem Origins
Integration of Readings
Consumers of Travel and
Hospitality Division
Founded in 1990
Started as ATM provider
1994 Expanded to include self check-in kiosks
As of 2007 60% market share in T&H division
Airlines (80%)
Hotels (15%)
Car rental agencies (5%)
Thomas Green (28 years)
University of Georgia (Economics)
6 years selling ATMs for National Business Solutions
March 2007 hired as Account Executive at Dynamic Displays
Promoted to Senior Market Specialist 6 months later (September 2007)
Frank Davis (45 Years)
Executive MBA from Suffolk University
17 year veteran of Dynamic Displays
Current Marketing Director
Previous Senior Market Specialist
Shannon McDonald (42 years)
Undergraduate at University of Georgia
MBA from Northwestern
Travel Division Vice President
Previously Director of National Sales
Case 1 Presentation
By Joe Glackin, Jeb Miners, Stash Phillips,
Vignesh Parameswaran

What are the work styles and personalities of Thomas Green and Frank Davis?
How do the actions of Thomas Green differ from the expectations of Frank Davis?
What are the possible underlying agendas of Davis and McDonald?
What actions, if any, would you take if you were Thomas Green?
Green explain position to McDonald (written statement)
Set up meeting between Green, Davis and McDonald to clear the air
Green needs additional guidance from seasoned managers to further understand his position
Davis can improve on his communication skills and willingness to consider new ideas
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
"It Doesn't Take a Wizard to Build a Better Boss" (Article)
Legitimate Power
Coercive Power
Prestige Power
Referent Power
Political Tactics and Strategies
Sources and Types of Power
What characters portray the different types of Power?
Accept reasonable changes
Be courteous, pleasant and positive
Green's political blunders
Embrace or demolish
Setting a person up for failure
Influence Tactics of Leaders
Ethical influence tactics
Being a team player
Appraising the target
Exchanging favors and bargaining
Neutral influence tactics
Upward appeal
Cannot change the boss
Cannot simply adapt yourself to whatever the boss wants
Cannot declare yourself empowered and boss-free
Things to Keep in Mind
"The Wizard is You"
Legitimate Power
Coercive Power
Prestige Power
Referent Power
Question 1
Question 2
Which of these tactics could have
benefited Green and Davis?
Being a team player
Appraising the target
Exchanging favors and bargaining
Upward appeal
Take responsibility for as much as you can
Gain wisdom from difficult experiences
Do not become boss you are angry about having
Question 3
Have you ever had a boss that exhibited any of the qualities previously mentioned?
Question 4
How could a manager's ethical/unethical standards influence their employees?
Question 5
Is it possible to be a top level executive and have little to no power?
Previous Class Discussions
Trait Theory
Behavior Theories
Leadership Styles
Types of Bosses
Cowardly Lion
Tin Man
Power and politics will always be a part of the management process, no matter the industry. You can always develop your skills in order to become an effective leader.
Brief Storyline
Growth projections
Informal evaluation
Davis' first email
Performance meeting
Davis' second email
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