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Resources for Blended Learning & Flipping Your Classroom

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Rachel Beagan

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Resources for Blended Learning & Flipping Your Classroom


Resources for Blended Learning & Flipping Your Classroom

Student Accountability
Blended Learning and Flip Teaching
A "comfortable" learning environment where everyone is seen as an individual. The building of a classroom family. Where every child's needs are a little more visible due to the assistance of technology. This technology helps teachers along with his/her expertise and guidance to understand specific needs to help every child feel successful, understood and confident in their abilities and themselves.

Starting out may seem time consuming but once you have set up accounts most of the information is easily accessible from year to year.
Is an on-line resource to type your lessons, add standards from a drop down menu, add links to websites, videos, word documents and pictures.

Symbaloo is an easy way for your students to access videos, games and other web addresses assigned by you.

Plickers are a quick and easy way to assess learning before or after a lesson. Instant feedback for each student( anonymously) is given while holding up cards that will calculate correct answers to true and false or multiple choice questions.


Padlets can be used:
To check for understanding in a typed response
Add video and have students post answers to questions.
Share your students' thinking with other classrooms.
Here is one we created:

To create your own

Blended Learning & Flip Teaching
Resources for Planning and Instruction
Rules that Focus on Being Responsible Individuals
Rules that engage the body, mind and make students responsible for their behavior. These rules help me so much! Clear expectations that help develop accountability for individual choices. I included this video because Chris Biffle's technique really helps me to individualize expectations for my class.
Class Dojo
Learnzillion has tons of math and reading videos to share whole class or flip with your students. Have them watch a video and then have them share out or show what they have learned.

Example video:

District Programs to Support
Individualized Data and Learning
I-Ready Math
STAR Reading & Math
Big Universe
District ELA/Math Livebinders
Discovery Education
R. Beagan
For more of my favorite resources:
Twitter @raebeags
Pinterest rae beags

Purpose of Blended Learning & Flip Teaching

Strategies to engage learners
Collect data for individualized instruction
Provides opportunities for individual students to work on areas of strengths and needs

Students are often working independently or in small groups. Students need to show they are engaged, on task and making good choices when using a variety of technology.
Tools to help:
Show individual understanding
Collect data
Aide in your instruction
Please use the tutorials in this presentation to try some flipped teaching or blended learning on your own OR click on the Doodle link to let us help you get started:


START SMALL- Try this... No log in or sign ups necessary...

Click on the
hot pink
link. Watch the following video with your students. Share and use this link on student laptops or on your classroom desktops (they will not have access to the video). They will have access to the Padlet (double click to create a box and type).
We are creating a Hugh Cole wall of awesomeness!

All that is valuable in human society depends
upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein
FlippedTeacher Tips & An Activity to Get You Started
Google Drive
Use a google drive to share documents with students, parents and administrators.
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