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Guitar Challenges,Improvements and more

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Dylan Yang

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Guitar Challenges,Improvements and more

Some Improvements that I have made are having good posture, Holding frets in place and not counting how many times I play a string out loud.
Solutions to the Challenges
Some solutions to my problems are
~tapping my toe inside my shoe.
~looking at my fingers so they can go in the right spots.
~Looking at the fret board.
A challenging thing for me is alternate picking.
Another challenge is finger picking each string at a time.
This is a E major chord this is the first chord I ever learned.
Something that has helped me alot is my guitar at home because I can do what we learn at school. My guitar looks like this.
I saw you count how many times you played the strings. I think you should count in your head next time, so people dont have too wait.
~I don't know who its from
I saw you sitting in playing position next time play louder and dont hesitate because you might mess up the melody.
~ Vinai
I liked your finger picking, next time hold your fingers firmer because if you dont it might vibrate wierd.
~Cheeming Yang
Songs I want to learn
-Count on me
-When i was your man
-Say something
-Perfect two
-Rough water
-Gangnam style
-Let it go
-Talking to the moon
My guitar Idol
My guitar Idol is Bruno Mars because he inspires me to learn more about guitar. He plays lots of songs that like, such as Billionaire, Count on me, When I was your man, etc.
This is not the end of my guitar journey because I still am gonna play the guitar and Im gonna try to do a lot of improvements on guitar and anything music related like singing. And the things that are gonna help me are youtube videos teachers and most of all my friends.
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